Primark PJ Picks!

Hello Hello Hello! 

I hope you’re all well!

You know when you want to treat yourself but you just don’t know what to treat yourself with? Like you don’t NEED anything but you just want something. Well I was having a crappy week a short while back and I wanted comfort – so I decided pjs. That was the answer. I tried all high street shops and hit all the sales but it wasn’t until I got to primark and a stunning dark red 3 piece caught my eye. 

The silk lace top is only £5 and has a stunning cut out back. Just making silk that Lil more sexier, right?

The ‘short’ silk shirts are also only £5 and sit nice without riding..

The silk gown was £10 and just totally finishes the set off!  

So £20 and you get a sexy but classy silk 3 piece! Very, pretty woman. They also come in so many different colours – but red won me. 

I took them with me to an amazing spa night at wynyard hall which I was invited to by the amazing Tasha! For my first ever spa break, it lived up to every expectation! Blog to follow!

Hope you’re all having a great day! 

Juleigh-Newmar X

PlatinumLatte – Insta 


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