00TD – Chucks Kickin Back

Hello Hello Hello!

I hope you guys are well!

I’ve been sliding back into my converse lately.. and realised how much I missed them. I always remember breaking them in was a bitch but once they’re worn.. daaaamn. 


Kickin It

It’s the first time in a long time I actually planned my outfit the day before. I knew I was going out with my favourites and even though I was still in my ( fuck it, get the goldies out!) mood, I just decided to wear the basics. Totally jumping on the fake geg, Deidre Barlow, bandwagon. 

  • Old high tops
  • Denim – Primark – £10
  • Belt – Primark – £3
  • Tee – Primark- £2.50!
  • Statement Jacket – HaveToLove Fashion!

How bout this one..I stretch the neckline on all my tees & jumper so I don’t feel choked however in A/W I love in turtle necks.. figure it out J! 🤔

I literally had the best day!! Visiting places I’ve never been in town before – such as Lane 7, where we had a hilarious game of bowling & the settle down cafe which was totally chilled & very cute!  Here’s what we got up to in Rainy Newcastle! -(not in order)

Awesome Times! Is there anyone in Newcastle with anywhere they could recommend with things to do? There must be more hidden treasure in the city of NCL!

Platinum Latte

I’ve decided to give Platinum Latte Its own Instagram account – so I’ve basically started all over again. If you do read my blog and wanna insta friend me I’ve linked the. Ew account above 🙂 I hope you’re all having a lush weekend! I’m back at work tomorrow after an awesome week off!

Have Fun!

Juleigh-Newmar x

PlatinumLatte 🖤


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