00TD – Vintage Vibes 

Hello Hello Hello !!

Here’s a thing.. you know when you find yourself wearing the same kinda thing – day after day after day.. and you start to get bored of your image.. that. When you work 36 hrs a week and those 2 days off you find yourself in yoga pants or pjs.. and you think.. is this it?! Today I woke up and thought fuck iiiiittt. I knew I was catching up with my family today so I decided to dig through some garment goldies that have been screaming for attention


  • Mans Levis Top
  • New Look Cullotes 
  • Converse Classics
  • Fake Gegs
  • Viv Earrings 
  • DW Classic Leather Watch
  • Steve Madden Clutch

Yes, it’s a mans vintage style tee but I love menswear attire. I feel the vintage late 70s, early 80s -Vibes. The glasses I purchased today and were only £1 In Primark!

I’ve had an awesome little day catching up with my family. It’s always important to see them as much as I can even though I’ve been kicking my tits off at rude, arrogant shoppers all day.. ffs. 

I’m now off to get my bridesmaid dress fitted. Busy week ! Lots to come – watch this space. 

Have fun. 

Juleigh-Newmar x


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