Swimwear Speak

Hello Hello Hello!

I hope you’re all well! I’m talking Vacay! I’ve finally booked Cyprus for my best friends wedding in October! Not long now!! Now… as excited as I am for it.. I’ve never been on a “hot holiday” before nor have I ever worn or been seen in a bikini! So I thought awesome.. I have just over 2 month to tone! Then I was invited by one of my amazing friends to a spa.. which I’ve also never been to before.. another scenario where I’d be in swimwear.. and be seen.. 
I don’t have body confidence for different reasons – no need to go into it – I’m working on it. I thought to myself why do I have to exercise for 2 months to feel good for 1 week.. I do yoga for me, I exercise for me. I thought I’d try looking online and stuff to see what’s good for the pear shaped
chick, which is what I am!

Well online they were telling me to mix and match to take focus away from one part of my body .. can’t do that.. I have OCD where I can only wear matching lingerie or I basically can’t leave the house  😐 little dramatic but you get it. — then I was advised to wear high waisted or tankinies.. didn’t look like a me thing but I thought I’d try. I literally spent a full day in the metrocentre, visiting each shop I could think of that sold swimwear.. tried everything The internet advised me to wear.. it didn’t work..

… so I went back round and tried the swimsuits I liked the look of! Why the fuck not!


I wanted a bather for my spa day – I found some stunning numbers!







I tried 3-4 bikinis on in every store I went in and only found the perfect ones in Boux Avenue. I have never felt so good in anything like this before! What else? The fact they were all on sale!! Each bikini was around £20 each for each set!

Obviously I couldn’t buy all the bikinis and bathers so I went with one swimsuit for my spa and 2 bikinis from boux avenues a starter for cyprus. Now I know what I feel good in I can look online and venture out! I’m so excited to wear these on my holiday!


I love this polka dot, vintage looking set I got on sale at boux! It’s so rockabilly with my tattoos. Plus side – Boost Bra and shape Bottoms. My all time fave!

Cadburys purple. 

I love this colour! I love this fit and again I got this set for under £20. 

Pretty Woman

I chose his swimsuit for visiting the spa. It reminded me of something Julia Roberts would wear on Pretty Woman after meeting Richard Geere. It just looked and felt classy, secure and only £20 in TKMaxx .

So if I had any advice .. don’t look to the internet – take a little more time – try on and find what makes you feel awesome. For a gal whose never worn or even owned a bikini before, taking the time to try different things on really paid off and now I’m making up for a lot of  lost bikini time!

After a shitty couple of weeks I’m now truly looking forward to this week off and my very first spa visit tomorrow with the beautiful Tasha at Hello Freckles !

Hope you all have a great week!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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