An Evening With : MakeUpForever 

Hello Hello Hello!! 

How are you?!

When Make Up Forever arrived in Debenhams at Intu Metrocentre I got extremely excited, already knew a little about the products and working in the metro I got a sneak preview.. seeing all that glitter was a sign that me and Make Up Forever were gonna get along just fine..  so fine that since they’ve launched I’ve had my make up worked at the counter 3 time now!

The most beautiful looking counter in Debenhams with total babes working it and giving you the chicness beauty experience you want! Serving you everything from your night out eyes, prom look, get me through each day face or your pure glitter fix mix! The girls at the counter are artists and know their thang and bonus it’s your tutorial.. you know exactly what’s going on your face and which product fits you!!

An Evening With …

I loved learning about the products and the company – it always fascinates me. I love when products have a reason behind them.. it’s always more personal. 

I got to play with new products and glitter! And got my foundation matched after trying some amazing moisturising creams and bases! All whilst In the company of amazing gals! It was a lush little atamophere!

Thank you to the two babe’n hosts, Emily & Sarah for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the Make Up Forever products for the evening! Such a relaxed, fun atmosphere with fizz and fab music! I really enjoyed myself! 

 Make Up By Hannah 

The beautiful Hannah managed to work her magic with my face to give me this, you’re a badass with glitter, look for my friends hen night! I felt amazing! I’m the least girliest female out there but when it comes to glitter I’m the biggest barbs you’ll meet! If I could live each day in glitter.. I would. I loved what she did with my eyes she’s amazing a what she does!.. using colours I’m always afraid to even think about using , she did it! I don’t have this skill like these girls have yet but being inspired and amazed at how great the products are..I bought the products.. and gave it a go myself!

The Product

I used the glitter, mascara, eyeliner and highlighter to create warm autumn kinda eyes. Just need to work on them bloody brows! I’m getting there! But absolutely adore these products and with the fix mist.. your make up doesn’t even budge! 

The colours!!!

  1. I use the liquid glitter as a highlighter and a base for my eyeshadow! they work an absolute dream together! 
  2. The lipstick is so vibrant and powerful. I picked a vamp colour to finish the look I went for. 
  3. The crayon eyeliner doesn’t budge. Usually when I wear eyeliner it melts down my face cause I laugh and smile so much.. not a bad thing until I look pro goth.. this stays where it’s meant to!  Loooooove!
  4. I have Luna long lashes.. and this mascara totally enhances them without clogging or spider legging them!
  5. The glitter is my favourite! Obvs. I use it on my eyes, lips, chest, cheeks.. quite often and I still have over half a tub left!

So finally a beauty counter with The customer service at its highest, the product unique and highly quality and the atamophere relaxed and fun.. it’s a dream! If you haven’t had your make up done by the Make Up Forever gals yet I totally recommend! So if you have any events little or big.. they’re located in the metrocentre , ground floor in debenhams. 

All MUA’s linked above! 

I hope you’re all well and smiling! I’ve been working over time for my hols and yoga’ing as much as I can! Thank you for reading!

Juleigh-Newmar X


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