Yoga & Me 

Hello Hello Hello!!

I hope you’re all well and enjoying June! I’m back sharing a take 3 on Yoga/Pilates. 

First Attempt – Inspo. 

I was first inspired by my friends doing Yoga, they made it look so beautiful and confident-i wanted that – I tried. I failed. 

The above collage was made up around 2014..I was so into fitness then too yet I felt I made such a beautiful excerise look tacky. I did it cause I wanted to try it and it became a phase. 

Attempt 2 – Flexibility & Strength. 

I was training for the race for life 10k charity event. I was enjoying working my legs so much I wanted to work my upper body strength. -“I know, we’ll try yoga again”. 

Again, it became another phase.. I think it was because I didn’t understand yoga and what it can do to help you. Of course it did help my upper body strength and balance – all the stretching pushed my flexibility – I felt great but sooner dropped it with laziness after the race. 

Final Attempt – Health. 

My anxiety has approached me these last couple of month quite rapidly. These last couple of years I’ve put everyone possible before me and felt honoured to think I’ve helped, for sure, I’ll forever continue to be there for anyone…

 I feel happy and blessed with what I have in my life and how far I’ve come but not myself. I’ve bullied myself and my image into a dark hole that I simply burried myself in. People look at me, my social media and think poser or assume lack of confidence isn’t such a thing in my life. I may share positive vibes and I may bounce around in a big bubble but inside I’m quite the opposite, not every day but a lot of them days. It’s not the people or situations around me – it’s me. This is not a cry for help. This is not attention hounding. This is something for me to work on as I don’t like to rely on others. So I’ve tried numerous things this year to work on me and put me first – things I’d never thought I’d do.  

  • Salsa – which was incredible!
  • Socialising More – which is hard to do sometimes. 
  • Blogger events – which make me feel great!
  • Spending more time with my guy & our families. 
  • Planning things to look forward to..

All have helped but I still found myself having nightmares, surviving on 4 hours sleep a night, overthinking causing me to switch off in the moment and having panic attacks which were becoming a lot more frequent and it scared me. Again, this wasn’t everyday so I wanted to nip it in the bud. So what would help? 

My Yoga Journey 🖤

I decided to look into Yoga and truly learn about it all in the comfort of my own home. Followed pro yogis on insta, YouTube etc.. and tried it again.. it’s been about 3 weeks and already I feel powerful, calmer, more focused, and a hell of a lot more alive.. 

My poses may not be perfect but Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day and I do love a good journey. It’s all about progress and learning. I already have a few favourites but in just 3 weeks I can truly feel what yoga has to offer. 

Yoga makes me focus on me and what I am truly capable of. It’s like no one else is in the room and I’m settled. I leave my home and I feel like I can truly be me.. no mask, no fake smile..feels great!

It’s something I have to stick to, for my own health. I feel great and so excited to learn more about yoga and myself. 25 years old at the end of the month and it’s only this year, 2017 half way through the year, I feel like I’ve found myself and I can be proud of that. 

This may have been a little deep for “my kind of posts”.. but I won’t apologise cause this could help someone else. I think? 

Anyways, I’m a beginner so if there’s any pro yogis out there please, let’s friend or if you know anyone please share, I want to learn more! I’m constantly inspired and feel like I’m heading in the right direction on a trip to confidence! small steps to a stronger me. If you do yoga to id love to know What I can work on? What could I try? 🖤

I hope you all have a great week!

Juleigh-Newmar x


2 thoughts on “Yoga & Me 

  1. This has inspired me to try yoga again! Like you I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and I’ve also tried yoga in the past but I felt like I wasn’t very good at it. Do you mind me asking which tutorial you follow? I never know where to start!


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