An Evening With KGA

Hello Hello Hello!!

I hope you’re all well and ready for the weekend, pay weekend that is! Are we all ready to dance into June?! I am! It’s my birthday month – I may have to wait til the very last day of June to turn 25 – but I’m excited and my birthday list has well and truly expanded thanks to an evening with Kenneth Green Associates!

I love fragrances.. smelling good is vital to me. I’m never without a spray in my bag, I especially love learning about new fragrances! A fragrance is always an interesting product, it’s personal to the designer and more than likely has a reason behind everything from the scent to the shape of the bottle. Here’s some of my favourites.. (hint hint) 

Jimmy Choo – L’eau

I’ve always loved the Jimmy Choo fragrances.. and the shoes ofc.. from Blossom to Flash – I’ve loved them cause they’re fresh and fun and have a gorgeous little cost! L’eau is a elegant scent, floral and all round beautiful – perfect for SS17 with a perfect price tag! 

Zadig & Voltaire – This Is His/Hers

Awesome fragrances for the awesome couple! I get the casual, rebel, rock, edgy vibe from it! I would buy both and Wear them both myself.. they’re new to me.. I wish they were introduced earlier. Chestnut, vanilla, sandalwood – you know it’s gonna smell good! Make awesome gifts ..For the bad ass and the confident. 

Just like Cupid here.. dabbing with shades on. Cool as fuh.. I wanted to keep him!

Kenzo World – For Women!

I L O V E K E N Z O – fashion. It’s quirky, Unique and Awesome. So are their scents. But Kenzo World is something else. To totally describe it I ask you to watch the advert for it at KenzoWorld. It’s insane. The scent is the fashion made into a fragrance. A fresh, floral scent – unique. I really like it! The bottle is too cool, the eye is the major imprint – representing a third eye – spiritual protection! A super sweet gift!

The Fave – not just mine but also in this months cosmo!

Abercrombie & Fitch

I’ve truly fallen for this scent which I didn’t think would happen.. I certainly wasn’t expecting a sweet, sensual, elegant scent. It’s beautiful. My other half is very honest when it comes to fragrances.. so I sprayed this before he come home and he loved it – also couldn’t believed it was A&F! Oriental flowers  is a winner ingredient, gives a confident yet gentle, long lasting scent. 

The shape of the bottle is fab, easy to hold and apply. It looks elegant and classy, very feminine – feline. 

“For the woman who follows her first instinct.”  Inspired by the first moment of attraction – the spark. First Instinct is a stunning fragrance, right up there on my list.

So (hint hint) they’re my faves.. June 30th is the big 25 – yes it’s a big deal……jk🙄 but what amazing gift these fragrances would make.. Father’s Day is coming up too (just a reminder)  I hope you all have a great weekend!  If you have any fragrance recommendations please share, I’m obssesed and don’t quite know why I’ve never really shared my love for fragrances yet?! Here’s a few more photos from a fabulous evening with fabulous people!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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