NYX  – Makeover 

Hello Hello Hello!! 

So I’ve just arrived back from a weekend trip to good ole Blackpool with all the family, like old times! I had an absolute blast but it’s back to reality and we have so much to catch up on! 

I visited the girls at the NYX counter in Boots at intu metrocentre to find out about their new beauty products as they were celebrating their 1st birthday in the metrocentre! A whole year since they launched there.. that flew by!.

 I’ve always admired make up artists and their skill however every time I’ve visited a counter I’ve always received a very basic make up look, which is fine cause it’s probably what I asked for, I’ve never had the confidence to wear beautiful eye shadows, contour or even try any beauty trend with the scare I wouldn’t suit it and draw attention to myself. A very basic face is all I can give. 

Sometimes I go exotic in Juleigh world and try a little wing .. or even a bold lipstick.. that’s very adventurous when that happens.. I’ve usually had a drink to be able to do that..  I always admire people’s make up but never try for myself .. just always stopped myself from pushing that boat out..

 Anyways.. seeing NYX new products I wanted to try them, I was itching to try them! I wanted that fierce, powerful look. So I sat in the chair and took my make up off, let the professionals work their magic and I was in the good hands of Natasha! The atamohpere was fab, the girls kept me talking and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. It was all exciting as I had no idea what I was going to look like as I’ve never played with new colours or products before, it took me all this time to get my eye brows right and even after this make over I figured was doing them wrong! After about 20 minutes, my make up was done, I was told to look in the mirror and the smile on my face even after that first glance was ridiculous. I didn’t recognise myself and in a good way. I felt strong,  beautiful, over all awesome and when you don’t feel like that a lot, it’s a great feeling! I couldn’t thank Natasha enough , she did an incredible job and I’ve already decided to go back to get my birthday make up done there!

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

Can we discuss the fact.. I never smile in photos let alone show my teeth..I felt amazing!

I feel the warm look really worked for me, I absolutely loved it! Colours id never go for, brows id never be able to create and glitter.. something I love but never in a millions year thought I was able to pull it off! 

Overall, I was super happy with the way I looked and felt I was totally inspired. I tried it for myself, not full whack but little steps..I now wear NYX blusher, eyeshadow, highlighter and liquid lipstick! And I feel great in myself! Would still absolutely treat myself to another makeover from the girls at NYX but truly grateful to them for helping me grow my confidence in make up!, 

The NYX beauty products are stunning. Light, bold and quality. The prices are amazing too.. you can’t go wrong. I’ve called head over heels for the liquid lip gloss, the colours are unique and your lips feel fuller. I can’t wait to share my new products!

I’ll be reviewing my new NYX beauty products very soon but wanted to share my experience with the NYX professionals first! Another Huge thank you to Natasha and the girls! I loved my look!

Man did I feel super sassy! I hope you guys are having a great week! Have you guys tried NYX cosmetics?! Any recommendations on products? Pay day is coming up and I already have that make up bug! 🤑 

Have a great week!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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