Mango Musts!

Hello Hello Hello!!

I hope you’re all well! I’ve been loving the warm weather and the worlds beautiful nature which I haven’t explored in years! I’ve also been loving some of Mangos New Now Garments 😍

If you didn’t Some how catch on that I now work with Mango then here’s a thing.. I now work with Mango!! Have done for a few months now and I absolutly love it! When you’ve shopped somewhere for many many years and appreciated it’s style it’s like the mother ship calling for you! I get to wake up 5 days a week and play with my mat, work on it, work on me and I couldn’t be happier. So here’s a few something something’s that are all linked up if you fancy them!


I vibe that office look, in fact it’s more like a directors look, something bad ass and pretty damn classy! Something that says take me seriously but also says let’s relax with a whiskey and drink in the earths atmosphere. 
Jacket – £59.99
Strap Top – £19.99

Then there’s that one number you can leave the office with and head straight to the bar cause why not?! The Back To this jumpsuit is incredible. I wish i could have gotten a better photo! Come see it for yourself though! Everyone needs a classic black jumpsuit in there wardrobe!

Jumpsuit- £49.99
Heels – £35.99

That one when you feeling Latina and you wanna go shopping and coffee with your gal pals honey. These heels are everything, I didn’t want to take them off. They come in salmon pink too.. daaaamn!

Tank – £6.99!

Denim- £35.99

Pink Heels – £35.99


You know that fave tee you purchase and you wear it till it’s dead and gone and then you still wear it cause it’s your fave tee ever and you don’t want the relationship to end .. too much? I love this tee and have worn the life out of it. Always Right.. it says.. I like to think I’m always Right. I’ll argue the life out of anything until I’m right anyways.. we love a gal who doesn’t give up.. right?!

Tee- £19.99

So .. quick but quirky.. I’m happy and I’m trying my best to keep heading in the right direction! We obviously have so much more to offer, basic slogan tees, office attire, party perfect.. we have something for everyone! So come see me on the first floor in debenhams at the metrocentre! 💋

I’m gonna be blogging a lot about some of my fave newness with Mango! Every delivery is like Christmas! Hope you all have a great week!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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