Dove : Derma Spa 

Hello Hello Hello!

I hope you’re well! 💋 I’m loving spring, these April showers.. snowfalls.. hail stone attacks and blazing heat full filled days are fabulous!… yes? 

How awesome is this dinner jacket from Zara  £60?! Yeowch. Gimme!

Anyways. Ive been trying Dove’s new Derma Spa – Summer Revived – Self Tanner. I’ve always and only ever used Dove gradual moisture tan, I love it, I swear by it! So I purchased this assuming it would just be the same, exactly the same. Oh how wrong was I?! I got so excited I just have to share!

So, if you’re like me and you don’t ever tan you just burn blah blah blah, I’d go for the med-dark moisturiser. It’s a more obvious but gives a natural looking tan where as when I used the fair-medium summer glow product.. it was like a slight tint. I love having a tan, I know something good is coming when I apply my gradual tan!

 Above is what I have been using for the past 3 years now? I swear by summer glow. It does it’s job however I’m so glad I tried the new revived moisturiser…

Firstly. It comes in an easy application bottle. I don’t have to battle the bottle to get my tan it just squeezes out fairly. The moisturiser itself is so much better to apply! It’s so light where as the summer glow felt a little heavier and thicker. It drys so quickly too! Usually I have to dance around naked a little to dry quicker.. -or so I tell myself that works-.. this application drys pretty much immediately! It’s smells so good, I’ve always loved the dove scent after fake tanning, so .. exotic? Like mango .. i looove mango! I always apply after showering and just before bed, don’t worry it doesn’t stain at all, I wore white pjs an hour after applying and they’re still white

You can see above the milk bottle I am.. when I use this tan I always feel healthy and glowing. There’s more.. So I’ve went from Casper to Jlo, not only that .. when I woke up I noticed I’ve got a goddess shimmer! The product contains glitter but not 90’s disco glimmer literally like you’ve just glided out of the heavens. It’s only noticeable if you tell everyone you meet .. which is absolutely what I did! I love to shimmer. 

As you can see, I’m mega pleased with the result! I do love a natural looking tan cause it would take a trip to the sun for me to catch a tan.. and I’m even happier with Doves new and improved moisturisers combining natural self tanners with cell-moisturisers creating a gentle lotion. Bravo Dove. 🙌🏻

 I always apply 2 days before my events in case I need to top up the night before. I’m totally putting more on tonight just for that shimmer glow. I’m obssesed! I can’t get my head around with how much lighter the product is too?! Genius. I felt like I just had a tanning massage at an actual spa.. that’s not even a thing but I felt it. It’s even suitable for my super sensitive skin which makes life a little better. 

So, I found this at Superdrug  on promotion offer for only £3.39 instead of £6.99!. I can promise you it’ll last a long time as I didn’t even apply that much and I got the results I wanted. 

I love being tanned! Thank you dove! I ❤️ U

I have so much coming to share with you guys! I love collaborating,  learning about new brands and what they have to offer you guys! Can’t wait to share with you! Big event coming up tomorrow night with intu metrocentre! Find me on Instagram to follow my story!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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