IntuWardrobe – Eldon Square Event 

Hello Hello Hello!!

Intu Eldon Square

I hope you’re all well! We’re finally hitting that beautiful Spring/Summer season! What better way to celebrate this fashion season than browsing through a walk in wardrobe in the middle of Intu Eldon Square Shopping Centre! You can still go along and browse as they have some incredible fashion classes ran by the stunning Emma Russel who’s giving style advice for this season! 

Stylissimo – Emma Russel 

All these trends throughout these seasons can be a struggle for us making them our own. These classes will help find the perfect outfit for your body, style and confidence. I can’t wait to get to one myself, I’ll be popping by on Friday afternoon so if anyone wants someone to go along with them hit me up!

 All classes are ran from 11am – 3pm. All info on classes can be found in the below link! 

Intu Eldon Squares – Walk In Wardrobe Classes 

80s & Sports Luxe are my favourite trends this season! I’m all for that casual gym and heels vibe by day and letting my classic rock out by night. Below are a few photos of the top picks in our favourite retailers this season, also getting refreshed looks throughout the week, keeping us wanting more and more. 

Bobbi Brown – 5 Minute Face 

Now, I love Bobbi and I know you do too. What’s not to love. Fresh, Healthy, Natural cosmetics giving you that every day glow, all day. Thank you to Emily for showing us some top tricks to create that happy, healthy look in only 5 minutes. I was amazed and totally tried it at home before work! Now I just want and NEED this Bobbi Brown routine!

Reds True BBQ 

Love food? You deserve this. I’m a big lover and a massive sucker for BBQ Houses. I’d never been to Reds before, just never made the time. Now. I will be making the time to visit this place as much as I can. Thank you Reds and Intu Eldon Square for providing us with this unreal Buffett at the intu wardrobe event. I’ve never been so excited in my life. I dove straight into the wings, the burgers and then they offer me a brownie. Ok. Cake Queen here! Brownies are my favourite but when it includes whiskey.. I still don’t understand how I was dragged away.. so so so good. Oh my god. #FoodPornAtItsFinest just gonna leave you with theee few photos.. but expect more after my next visit.. which will probably be monthly.. weekly if I could haha!

I had a fantastic evening at this event! I can’t wait to attend some of the classes and I’m extremely grateful for my goody bag! Lots of lovely treats! So why don’t you come along? It’ll be fab and will answer so many of your fashion/beauty questions! And And And if you take a photo of your fave outfit, accesories in the Intu Wardrobe you could win a £50 gift card! Exciting Times!

Have a great week! It’s almost payday! yaaay!

Juleigh-Newmar  x


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