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What better way to write than in the sunshine with a coffee! How are you guys? I hope you’re well!

Live The Blonde Life with JOICO! –this one’s for all us blondes who love our hair!

You’re all aware of my new found love for JOICO hair care products. On the 1st March 2017 Blonde Life was released. For all us bleach blondes trying to find the perfect “silver” shampoo to erase them brassy brats from our locks.. this is the one! 

 I’ve wrote before about silver shampoo and how many different products I’ve tried to save my hair. Yes. I found a few that took the brass from my hair.. but stained it purple and left it dry making it more damaged and like straw – which is sad.. especially if you L O V E your hair. Well I’ve used the JOICO Blonde Life routine for a few weeks now and the difference I’ve seen in my hair… WEOW! The perfect routine for a fellow bleach blonde!

Try The Treatment  – 

Brightening Masque  

A fair amount into your locks and leave for 5 minutes. As simple as that! Smells insanely good and you can feel the Blonde Life Masque work! After the 5 minutes you rinse thoroughly! My hair was left hydrated and soft, smelling unreal! So much lighter too! I’ve only ever used coconut in my hair before having the luxury of this JOICO treatment and coconut left my hair smelling great but still quite dull. So it’s good to find a treatment you can feel work and gives your hair that health kick! Your hair deserves it!

Take Care Of Your Hair  – 

 Brightening Shampoo  

I massaged into my hair and left for 2-3 mins.. My hair was lifted.. I mean I felt the weight being lifted literally! The weight of unhealthy, dry, unhappy hair! Blonde Life Shampoo smells absolutely incredible and feels fresh and clean when you’re massaging into your locks

Brightening Conditioner  

Massaged into my hair after using Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo. I left in, again, for 2-3 minutes. My god the smell, amazing!. My hair instantly felt clean like totally cleansed through. Fresh , Fresh, Fresh! What a dynamic  duo! 

It’s so nice to find a routine that really works and makes your hair feel so alive cause again, your hair deserves only the best!!

In fact  – You know that fresh face feeling after you’ve cleansed your face.. your hair can totally feel the same way! The magic behind these products?! Pure genius!

They say when your hair looks great you feel great and I can finally raise up my hand and say yes! Yes it does! I’m on that Blonde Brigade and we’re taking blondes having more fun to a whole new level! 

Blonde to perfection!

After using my Blonde Life routine for just over a week, I felt like I’d just had my hair freshly cut and dyed. It looks and feels so healthy and I can finally , literally, let my hair down again! As you can see there’s no purple stain.. it’s sitting nicely! Usually it takes me forever to dry and brush through the tats.. not this time. My comb glided through my hair and my locks were shining all day!! Smelt and looked hella fresh too! I felt great! Can’t recommend enough for us blondes! 

Have you guys tried any JOICO products yet? Is there any i need to go for?! I have my eyes on a few styling products and hair colours! I’m still living for this InstaTints! Watch this space for some serious colour pop! I hope you all have an amazing week, I have so much planned for my week off! 

Juleigh-Newmar x

More info & Products found at the following links!


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