Hello Hello Hello!!

I hope you’re all well! I’ve been all over them coffee catch ups. 

Hobo Jack

New in my wardrobe! I was introduced to Hobo Jack via FB when it popped up on my time line yelling, something you might be interested in. Ofc I’m interested, look how vintage/rockabilly this is. Browsing through I made my mind up that this first visit to this website and brand is gonna be the one I’m purchasing from. No going away and thinking about it, I was just ready to buy. The swallow caught my eye and without any thought I created an account and bought it. 

They remind me of the Sailor J style swallow which I have tattooed on my chest. It was just meant to be and at £12 there was no fighting it. 

Absolutely awesome fit and an incredible quality. 1st class delivery. 

It’s a classic crew neck tee, minimal and unique and will go with absolutely anything. Skirt, joggers, denim, leather, shorts.. I styled with black high waisted skinny’s and my sneaks. No need for my leather today, it was super warm.. in Feb?! 

So I’m obsessing with this brand right now and I’m already adding to my basket what I’m ordering on payday. Setting up that new wardrobe! Find a tee for you at

Watch this space for hair & nail posts ft more JOICO & House Of Holland! Very excited!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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