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I hope you’re all well and having a great weekend! I’ve been a little excited this week, all week too. Earlier this week i was introduced to JOICO, a company who is all about the beauty of healthy hair, and learnt about some of their new products…So if you loooove your hair..

The Story.

I’ve been a happy blonde all my life, at heart too.The most risky thing i’ve ever done to my hair was dye it brown.


I hated it. Trying to get it back to blonde was a nightmare. From brown back to blonde i went every “Autumn” colour you can think of, apart from green..I finally achieved platinum blonde and i’m happy again but that does’nt mean i don’t let them ,”I wonder what i’d look like with red hair”, ideas pass through my mind. I just could’nt bring myself to ever doing anything like that again, making that same mistake over. Imagine if you could experience it, just for a short time?

The Answer

A temporary colour that DOES NOT stain or damage your hair and comes out in just one shampoo wash leaving no dry hair dramas just your hair exactly how it was before colouring it?! A colour to play with every now and then when you’re feeling a change?! whaa?! Introducing: JOICO: InstaTints! GIMME!

“Any hair colour, texture or length. InstaTint does’nt discriminate!”

How To Use

  • Spray 8-10 inches from dry hair.
  • Spray in short bursts.
  • Layer to intensify.

Temp pigments means no commitment.
Wash out in just one shampoo.
3 full day colour.
Mix & Match: Spray as much or as little as you want.

  1. Ruby Red
  2. Hot Pink
  3. Mermaid Blue
  4. Saphire Blue
  5. Orchid
  6. Titanium +


The JourneyValentines With Ruby Red..

I started with a strand test as i’m quite sensitive. A simple burst 8-10 inches away, just strands above the ear and i was absolutly fine, I decided i was going for it. It started with a streaks here and there. I was nervous, the most boldest colour pop ever to meet my hair was going in streak by streak. I began to love it more and more each burst and i decided to go in for the kill. I got excited, carried away and before i knew it my whole head was pink, purple, red and white. Does’nt sound great together but looked amazing and i felt awesome!


The Result


The Styles – The Freedom To Play



The Farewell

The nerves came back when it came to washing the colour out but only because i’ve just sprays before for festivals which stained my hair with it being so bright. I tried shampooing just the end of my pony tail to see the magic and to my surprise with warm water, a little shampoo, baddabingbaddaboom.. Completely gone.

 No stains, No dry hair damage just my blonde locks sitting there. Absolutly fantastic to finally find a perfect product which i will use over and over. I cant wait to try more colours because i now i can!


The End

I has so many compliments and questions from people about my new , just for the day, hair! I got so excited about it all and the change, even just for the day, was awesome, i was actually sad when it came to washing the colour out but knowing i could just pop it back in whenever i fancied made me happy! what more?! I have another colour yet to play with, HOT PINK!

So if you guys ever fancy just a change for a few days or if you’re going away; Festival, Party, Charity Event etc or even if you just want to be brace and on trend.. I could’nt reccomend JOICO’s InstaTints enough. Absolutly awesome products and gso ood to the hair! At £4.95 each you really cant grumble..at all.I’m already looking into their other products, especially the colour balance purple shampoo + conditioner I’m the biggest fan of kicking out brass..Very excited mind!



Hope the week ahead is a good one!

Juleigh-Newmar x












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