Armani Beauty – 🖤💋

Hello Hello Hello!!

I hope you’re well! I’m here with a confession…I’ve been persuaded and sent over to the “dark side“… It’s a little dramatic.. but so is this look I’m trying. If you know me you know im dedicated to chanel beauty..devoted some might say. well ive been venturing out, not becauseI’m  bored or had a bad experience but just because I’ve heard good things and got a little curious. Lips are a thing again, the bolder the statement the better.

so have a little look at this..

Armani Beauty

Giorgio Armani – Lip Magnet – 400 -£28

talk about eye catching…

It’s the first matte lip gloss giving you a never done before colour concentration in a fine texture and an intense colour due to a gradual evaporation. Long lasting statement lips, at least up to an 8 hour stay. so easy to apply. the applicator has a pointed brush to glide smoothly onto your lips and there’s no need for a lip liner, the precision of the applicator is fantastic.

I’ve used long lasting lip colours before and yes they’ve lasted long but felt heavy and thick on my lips. I’ve found it always hard to remove and that the product has left my lips dry and in desperate need of a balm… so it was great to try a fine, light wear, bold colour leaving my lips looking and feeling like velvet.

And Look at this..

Girgio Amrani – Eyes To Kill – £28

A mascara that does both, lengthens and gives good volume all day – finally. eyes to kill gives my eyes a jet black, rock chick coat leaving my lashes and eyes looking bold and strong and giving them that make a scene look. – mascara is my fave beauty product so I get a little excited when I find a new one that’s goooood. 

No clumps or tangled lashes however this mascara  also doesn’t separate your lashes completely, I mean making them look like spiders legs, which is for some but not for me, ideal. I especially love the brush, great shape and there’s never any need to take away excess before applying. I reccomend if you want to treat yourself to some lux.

Now smell this..

Giorgio Armani – Sì – Sì Intense – £81

“Sophisticated,Mysterious, Seductive.”

“For the strong and passionate women who are brave and not afraid to take risks.”

Lord, they know what to say to make ya buy things. I was immediately drawn in with the text thinking..Yeah, I’m passionate, I can be strong..I take risks sometimes, i do. Hmm. 

Cassis, rose and vanilla…you immediately know it’s gonna smell soft but strong. I could’nt wait to try it, it just looked so appealing. The bottle looked badass too and everyone loves a good bottle. I loved the scent. It’s everything that it says on the bottle. stunning. The fragrance last even longer sprayed on your clothes and holds its intensity for hours.

so, armani beauty has some sort of hold on me. I have so much i want to try from their beauty range, a list, best get saving hey?. any recommendations? I’d love to know. You can purchase these beauty and frgrance products online or if you’re local (newcastle area) pop into the Metrocentre  ,  Debenhams   , you can buy them there, there’s always an offer and you could always come say hey to me!

I hope you’re all having a great week and had a beautiful Valentine’s Day. I have so much more to share coming this way.. Hair products, more lipsticks, new fashion!

Have a great weekend!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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