Human Again

Hello Hello Hello!!


I hope you’re all well and smiling! I am! I’ve finally got my hair dyed and my claws back. I feel Human Again! It’s been a very long, hard month..and suddenly upon us was payday! where you been?!? I feel so fresh and alive again, it truly is the little things..

I’m Talking :  Hair Care

My platinum statement is really all down to Lee Stafford. He is the Hero of every blonde. Bleach blonde’s anyways. I use the bleach blonde hot shots after ive dyed my hair to eliminate all brassy tones immediatly and it works a treat. Not only does it work instantly and smell so good with such a unique fragrance, smelling ah-mah-zing but the volume gets such a boomph too! Use it once every couple of weeks ONLY IF needed! You get 4 sachets of hot shots in a box for ยฃ7.39 , you’ll always find it on a 3 for 2 deal or with money off in boots, and they last such a long time. Farewell unwanted yellow hair! I absolutely swear by his products, you totally get your moneys worth!! Boots

However…bleaching my hair has its pros and cons..Pros being, to me, it looks awesome!! Cons being, it’s a pain in the ass to keep on top of. For a while now i’ve neglected my hair care routine. No treatment, No trim, No TLC – No nothing. It became dry and unhealthy, like straw..not pretty to look at and the roots –  sheesh. After dying it i knew it needed something to save it. I came across this little beauty..

Palmers Formula. My saviour

I know coconut is good for you whether you are eating it, drinking it, moisturing yourself head-to-toe in it or just smelling it. It’s amazing. I came across this 60g packet in Superdrug for only ยฃ1.99. The product information on the front of the sachet was very convincing, everything i needed in that packet and at that price, there was no waiting round. I could’nt wait to use it. I followed my usual hair routine then emptied and massaged the whole sachet into my hair. It smelt incredible, of course it did, it’s coconut. I left as instructed for 10-20 minutes however i think you could leave it in longer if you wanted. There’s also an over night use option which im going to try next time, i just need a hair cap..anyways…My hair instantly became softer, you could run your fingers through it easily, no tats which is a big deal for me as i have thick, volumed hair. However. please remember it’s not a conditioner, it’s a strong protein which improves the quality of your hair, not an every day thing. I let my hair dry naturally so there was no immediate heat damage and the results..well..I’m so glad i found it. My hair is noticeably softer and healthier and has a really nice shine to the blonde, it certainly does’nt look dry anymore! One happy hair day.

Claw Craze

I still find it hard to believe i went weeks without having my nails on. It’s been torture but worth the feeling when they’re back. You know me well you know i always have something wild going on with my nails, its addictive. So here i am jumping on that chrome train. The nail tech handed me the demo nails of what colours i could have and my immediate reaction was .. “What’s the darkest ones you’ve got?” I was then told that the mermaid colours are popular right now… i look like a mermaid type a gal to you?! gimme my vamp back. We came up with the jet black gel polish with a dark silver chrome on top. Yes. Badass. Metal. Terminator…What do you guys think?!

All in all, a succesful day. I spent time concentrating on me and it felt great! What we all need is time with ourselves to focus on numero uno! Hope you’re all having a great day!

Juleigh – Newmar x

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