Say Sì – Valentines 🖤

Hello Hello Hello! 🖤🖤

I now have gegs. I like them but I can’t get use to them being on my face.. the frames are thick and stick out a little but I can finally see. Now everything is like HD.. is this what I’ve been missing?! 

I’m talking Valentine’s Day right now. I’ve never celebrated it, we’ve never celebrated it but this year I’m feeling it. I think it’s because ive seen some super cool gift ideas.. we all love the “I love you every day of the year” preach and we do, we love you all day every day of the year but valentines day we want gifts or “we would like” And when we shop for gifts we go blank. I’ve noticed, and this is me personally too, that the personalised craze is escalating quickly. It’s brilliant too, I love it. Growing up you couldn’t get anything with my name on because of the spelling.. so when things got personalised it meant a lot. 

So Let’s get dreamy and drop some hints…or just tell them… ask even..

Make It Personal – you’ll love it. 

Say Sì. I was over the moon recieving my favourite fragrance on Christmas let alone owning one with my name on! The sexiest scent I’ve witnessed. I actually prefer this over my Chanel CoCo noir. That’s something. 

Tell them what you want engraved.. or let them do the thinking but be caucious.. you’ll only have yourself to blame if you see something you don’t like..

Available Debenhams £54 

Thomas Sabo’s Love Bridge.. personalised to perfection. It’s minimal, delicate and would mean the world. Get your initials on, a cute little symbol or a date that’s a big deal. 

It’s all about presentation so don’t be afraid to say, “it’s a gift can you make it pretty?!”

I got mine with my beautiful nannas initials on. She’s my hero and I miss her every day like crazy so getting this meant so much. 

Available Thomas Sabo £50

Aspinal Of London have that perfect little pouch which you can get your initials imprinted on for only £12!

And if you love detail, you’ll love this. I’ve never seen anything so perfect in my life. 

I drool for this detail. Available Aspinal Of London £50

Comes perfectly presented, box, ribbon, gift bag. It’s total class and chic and worth it. 

All gifts are around that £50 mark. The quality, the meaning, the thought and everything else behind it makes it a perfect purchase. The smile on the face. Worth it. Something you’ll keep forever. Don’t forget cake.. everyone wants cake all the time. Cake is a must. 

OOTD – winter, we done yet?

I’m still sporting them winter woolies of course it’s still fucking freezing. This Tartan/Houndstooth scarf just hasn’t left my neck. I’m looking forward to Autumn coming back! I hope you’re all having a good weekend. I’m slowely pulling myself back together. It’s easier each time. Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight. 

Juleigh-Newmar x 


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