Breakfast With Coast

Hello Hello Hello!! 

I swear this pose should be classed as an exercise with how much core strength you use to take the damn photo. Perfect for your posture though – Inner ballerina playing out! This post is about 3 month late..i can explain. I lost all the photos from the event but thankfully they’ve turned up in a folder i knew nothing about. YAY. This is what i wore to the event. Warm and casual with shape.

Coast @ Intu Metrocentre!

So, Saturday 19th November came round and i got up shit hot..on a saturday..and it was so worth it. I attended the Intu Metrocentre’s Bloggers Breakfast Event introducing the new Coast store opening! On entrance we were greeted with bubbles and breakfast from Carluccios, man i love Carluccios. We then had a browse around the store at all the stunning clothes; Dresses, Jumpsuits, Knitwear and Accesories Heaven, Everywhere. Im obssesed with detail, i just love seeing quality and attention go into an outfit, everywhere i looked in this store there was detail.Then i stepped into the dressing room and i swear i suddenly turned into Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I wanted to spend the day in the store and try on clothes – infact no, i wanted to spend the rest of my life in this store and try on clothes. It was just dreamy. After admiring the clothes and dressing room i put two and two together and decided it was time to try a few things would be ridiculously rude not to. I browsed and wanted and needed but fell crazy in love with a charcoal grey raffie ruffle sweater, so inlove i made it mine and took it home along with a Landon Tyler candle, YES COAST DO CANDLES!! who knew?!? not me!. Ive bought two since! The following photos are ones i took to share exactly how beautiful the Coast store is.

I met some amazing people and good friends at this event and its what i appreciate most when im invited. I meet people who share what i love and to do it in style with bubbles its always gonna be a good day. The staff are lovely, the atmosphere is chic and stylish and the clothes are to do die for. I strongly reccomend, especially if you have any big events coming up! There’s definatly something for everyone to and to compliment anyones style at even better prices! what more!?. If you’re passing pop in, Coast is based in the Platinum Mall!

Well then..Better late than never ey?! I Hope youre all well and happy and having a good day whatever you’re doing! Thank you for reading

Juleigh-Newmar x



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