Time Together 

Hello Hello Hello!!

Hope you’re all well! Enjoying January and it’s winter way ❄️ I see NYC has snow!! And we do not..

OOTD – Primark Haul With A Splash Of Zara. 

  • Boots – Primark – £7
  • Denim – Primark – £7
  • Coat – Primark – £35
  • Scarf – Primark – £4
  • Turtle Neck – Zara – £15

Time Together 

It’s just so bloody important. Me and my Better Half work in the same store, live together, wake up together, fall asleep together but never spend time together. We’re always stuck in the house chilling which is perfect as we work crazy hours dealing with some mean people at times! We finally got the weekend off together to celebrate his birthday which I recently shared. We made the most of our time off together. Here’s what we got up to on the most perfect day we’ve had since we were in New York City!

Cute hey?

Dalton Park

We started our day visiting Dalton Park to do a little shopping. It was warm and busy. One of my favourite places to shop with the biggest deals. So quickly after Christmas too I could have spent a fortune! We went to Starbucks which also had a cake sale on.. marshmallow snowman.. so good. 

The bloggers hashtag concentration face ..  

after browsing and buying and eating and drinking we too a long drive from dalton park all the way to Tyne mouth Beach which I absolutely love! It was perfect and the beach was packed! Plenty of time to pose, selfie and make memories

Little too cute for us but we were feeling cute as hell… 

The weekend truly made me realise it’s more about making time not just having time. We had such an amazing day and we have so much planned to have more of this together. 

So does anyone have an recommendations or know where to go so a couple of goofballs can just have some fun times and forget about work and dramas?? I’m in desperate need of a spa day but where and which one ..?? There’s just too many!

I hope you’re all have a lush weekend! I have work but off Monday.. interesting. 🖤

Juleigh-Newmar x


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