1:1:17 – New Year, New Leather

Hello Hello Hello!!

Happy Happy New Year!! I hope you all celebrated with your favourites, smiling, laughing and loving! I have a list of resolutions but I’m keeping them to myself. I feel I always jinx myself when I talk about what I’m gonna be doing and when it doesn’t happen I feel like such a failure to myself. However my biggest goal is to work on Lil me.  I was so miserable throughout 2016.. complaining all the time and not doing anything about it. I’ve decided 2017 will be the year of self. Not selfishness. I couldn’t be selfish if I tried my heart it too big but I do want to love me and care for me as much as I do everyone else. I wrote a list of what made me unhappy and I’m going to be damn sure to tick them off this year and make that change I want to see in myself and my future. 

Juleigh-Newmar Elizabeth Slator

I can pose a thousand times behind an iPhone  for Insta but no way have I ever or could I ever be that confident around people. I use to be confident but I was kicked down emotionally. I didn’t tell anyone or share it, I kept it to myself and bullied myself about it. So I’d love to love me! Don’t quite know how I’m gonna do it right now but I’m gonna figure something out. It isn’t something I want it’s something I need as I can’t go on feeling like I do. Gonna make that plan and make it work. 


1:1:17 – New Year, New Leather!

 My trusty leather has had its final day yesterday. Torn, well worn and has seen me through my best days. I’ve never not had a leather jacket in my life. My dads a biker so a leather jacket was one of my first signature looks. This leather in particular has lasted me around 4 years, £50 from miss selfridge so of course when looking for another I visited miss selfridge and now I’ve been obsessing with this new leather jacket for ages. It was time for it to be in my life  it’s my signature look to this day, rain, sun, snow I’ll be in my leather.  

£49 Miss Selfridge – black elsy biker jacket

Classic fit, gold hardwear and looks just like a boda skin leather! It’s stunning, fits a treat and is pretty badass. 

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots And Your Motorcycle. 

Apparently I’ve just turned into arnie for the new year.. which isn’t a bad thing. Man I love arnie. These boots are currently in the Primark sale from £12 to £7! Can’t say no.. the drainpipes I’m wearing are only £7 from primark too! 

Sooooo. I wish all you guys a badass 2017. Make it about you cause you deserve it. I’ve had such a good day, full of smiles. I  Hope you’ve all had a beautiful day too! 

Juleigh-Newmar x


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