Pamper Sundays 

Hello Hello Hello!!

How are we?! I’m week 1 down of my holidays from work, 1 more blissful week to go! It’s been a busy week and I certainly have a bigger week ahead. Best way to start you week? Pampering on a Sunday!  The thing I love about pampering is that it totally works and for that hour you’re in your own world. You deserve it. I love that everyone pampers differently too! Some people spa, some people drink and some people buy their own personal essentials and chill at home! That is me! 

I went to bodycare today when I went out for coffee and milk.. as you do! Decided that I need a good pamper and detox .. the book is mine already ❤️ so my personal little pamper kit comes to under £4 and 2 out of 4 products last a few sessions! If you don’t have a bodycare I’d try a superdrug or boots if it’s payday!

Tea Tree Foot Pack , 99p

Dead Sea Sheet Mask – 89p

Cucumber eye packs, 99p

Nose Strips , 99p

I start with the face mask and the foot packs! 

The foot packs are the cutest little booties filled with peppermint cooking and moisturising your feet fresh! You leave them on up to 15 mins and your feet smell and feel amazing!

These face masks may not be flattering and I can never seem to put them on correctly but goodness they feel amazing! Before applying I cleansed my face with the garnier cleansing water. The mask is on for 5 minutes and that’s all it needs to work what can only be described as magic. It’s not my favourite face mask but on a budget it works just as great! When you take it off you moisturise into your face then rinse. Easy peasy and super relaxing! Have a Pepsi while you’re in the zone!

I’m sure If you pamper at a spa you look much more glamourous but hey what you gonna do?! The nose strip is always last for me. Wet your nose are and pop the strip on. After 15 minutes rip and take it like a bitch! Nah it doesn’t even hurt.. but totally does the trick. Let’s not go into any gross details get 6 strips in a box which is always a fair deal. You’re gonna need them again.. 

The cucumber eyepads are a new try for me!  What a little treat they are too. They take away puffiness around the eye and freshens you right up. You get 10 pads in a pack too! Totally worth it!

I then moisturise with my favourite VS cream, which I now need more off. This baby lasted a long time. Such a sexy scent. 

Tonight I also painted the tootsies with my newest polish by The Genius Tom Ford. Viper. It’s an absolutely stunning colour. I’ll share that in another post! And there we have it that’s my little session. I’m sure there’s more to it that I don’t know about. I will become a pro pamperer. 

What do you guys use to pamper?! Anything I need to try?! Please tell me!

Well I hope everyone has had a lush weekend and ready to begin another fresh week! This was my outfit today, quite a lazy put together that works! Very minimal. Very me!

See ya soon!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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