Fall Footwear – New Additon 

Hello Hello Hello!

Back with favourite season feels!

OOTD – some sass..

  • Top – New Look
  • Jeans – French Connection
  • Sneakers – Nike Air
  • Bralette – Victoria’s Secret 

So.. I went shopping today.. It was suppose to be a catch up with the fam. I didn’t intend to buy anything. It ain’t payday til Friday..(got this month has killed me, Eff You 5WM)


I went into primark.. Seen some beautiful shoes on the sale rack for £6! Bargain.. Tried them on and whilst they were on my feet and I was telling my self I needed them I turned round and fell inlove. What was before me?


Yep.. All Black, embroidered slipper shoes. All black to match my everything else all black. Vevlet. Comfortable..so far.  Plated heel. Detailed. Damn. I ended up spending double of what I wasn’t going to buy Anyways.  Did you really need em Jules? Impulse buy? It’s a good thing I don’t have buyer remourse. Imagine! I love them! 

So .. Primark clearly have some sassy ballerinas in right now.. At a reasonable price.. Christmas is coming guys member? 😐 anyone spotted any treasure lately? Where’s best to hit right now?!

Perfect Gift!

I absolutly love it when people see something and think of me. Never mind giving it to me!! This is a super thoughtful, beautiful gift from my mams best friend! You know I love coco and you know I love bags! This is one of cocos most inspiring quotes, the best advice! Perfect tote bag for my shopping shenanigans! AND it’s black, white and gold.. Who has the wardrobe to match it?! ME!

So here’s some more advice and an inspirational quote I’d like to share. I definitely go by it! Hope you’re all happy!

Juleigh-Newmar X 


9 thoughts on “Fall Footwear – New Additon 

  1. Loved this post! Need those shoes…I want a really sweet pair of flats this Fall. And I have to say I’m so sorry for not stopping by as of late…I feel like I’ve missed so much!! Your entire page has gotten a face lift….loving it! When I get a moment I’m going to spend a few minutes just sifting through your posts so I can catch up. I think sometimes emails get shuffled around and I miss things unless I’m looking for something in particular…oh bad on me…lol. Anyway…lovely post!

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