Autumn Ready 

Hello Hello Hello!

I hope you’re all well and ready for the most beautiful time of year! We’re finally in Autumn! My favourite season! The perfect temp, perfect colours, warm rain, Halloween, Bon fire, big jackets, boots. I adore everything about this season! 

I’ve prepared my essentials for A/W 16. 

I’ve never had a kit full of make up in my life, I don’t have time or patience to contour and have a brush for everything so I do stay basic! I don’t even wear lipstick until A/W, I’m not one for bright summer red or pinks anymore. I’m also trying not to use heavy foundations and trying to apply less when I do use it… My skin just doesn’t seem to breath anymore.  

So here is my Autumn Essentials 

  • Marc Jacobs – velvet noir major volume mascara – £20 Marc Jacobs
  • Dior smokey eye palette – £45 Dior
  • Chanel rouge coco shine 96 Aura –£25 Chanel
  • Chanel 512 – mythique – £18 Chanel


I’ve been searching and searching for a perfect dark red colour for Autumn for yeaaaaars. I visited our Chanel counter at work and what appeared in front of me..?! Brand new Chanel long wear polish!

  • Long wear
  • Protective polish
  • Long lasting shine
  • Easy to apply ( it’s like a breeze!)

I’ve been collecting Chanel nail polishes for about 2 years now.. This is my absolute favourite colour. I went to the nail salon to get acrylics on for this polish especially. Two coats, a vivid colour that lasted for 4 weeks! That’s right! Chip free, lost of compliments and a colour that matched my whole wardrobe. Bravo Chanel. Bravo!  Already got my eyes on yet another A/W colour to share with you guys! 

Marc Jacobs – Velvet Noir

  • Volumising Mascara
  • Concentrated black pigment
  • Smudge free

I actually bought my Marc Jacobs Mascara in Sephora whilst I was in the states. I ran out when I was there so what better replacement than to try something new! I didn’t own a MJ beauty product yet made the right decision when I bought this mascara. Mascara is my beauty essential I needn’t own any other beauty product. If I was on an desert island and I could have one thing.. It would be my mascara!


The curvy brush really extends all lashes even the ones hard to reach. The jet black pigments mean your lashes look Luna long and thick, you’d actually think they were false. I have blue eyes and my eyes look bigger than ever when I use this product. You get so much volume after two strokes.. So no need to pile it on and clump yourself.. 

Chanel – Aura 

  • Melt away texture
  • Lightweight 
  • Hydrating 

Easy to apply, sits on lips and feels smoothe and hydrated. I absolutly love the colour, it’s my favourite especially for this season. It stays on forever too! I drink a hella lot of coffee a day and for this lip shine to tackle that.. It’s something! I swear by my Chanel products and this colour is an absolute treat! I’d apply twice for a fuller, true colour and top up once throughout the day for extra shine!

Dior – Smokey Eye

I got this smokey eye palette as a gift and the shades are insanely beautiful. I actually use the black as an eyeliner and the other shades on my eyes. Cute little compact with everything you need for a Full day face. Perfect for this season!

Do you guys have any Autumn faves that you could reccommend for me? I’d happily take any advice 🙂

I’m currently enjoying two weeks off work! Right now in my comfies ( an oversized shirt and knee length socks) ready to deep clean the apartment.. Fuuuuun! So much planned over my short break! Have a great week guys!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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