Meeting Lady Liberty 

Hello Hello Hello!!

I hope everyone is well! Huge hey to all PL’s new lovely followers! It’s great hearing your comments and what you guys think of what I write, always fun to find people who love what you love!

So I’m gonna finally spam you guys a little more with my adventures in NYC. So the second day we were there we decided to visit lady liberty. Someone I wanted to meet since my obsession with NYC began. Why? Because she’s a pretty huge deal!

But First… Lemme talk about Breakfast..

At Applebee’s!!!! Now I know before I left the US I’d have to have breakfast at Applebee’s. My mam went the year before and bigged it up even more than I even thought of it. She was not wrong. 

The staff were so nice and friendly and welcoming! Which is always a bonus when the food is so bloody amazing! What do you want in NYC? Strong coffee and pancakes. Oh yeah. It was absolutely perfect. Just such a relaxed, chilled atmosphere. You felt more at home then like a visitor. Just on 42nd street meaning you’re in Times Square.. Breakfast and shopping. What more people?!

Two coffees later and sufficiently full we left to try and figure out the quickest way to Staten Island. Now I wasn’t so confident on getting the sub, new place, unaware of surroundings and it’s a really busy place that I was just getting to know but unable to walk in the heat, wait on a bus or pay a taxi we decided the sub would be best. It really was. $3 ticket took you anywhere and you had to use it in a 2 hour limit. Yes!

It was so easy to follow the platforms and routes and only took about 20 minutes to go down town! There was a metro every  other minute too! 

“Sub Selfie”

When the metro terminates you run to the first two carriages and that takes you straight to Staten Island. 

As I was walking towards the ferry my heart stopped. There she was in the distance standing tall and all incredible. It hit me that I was in New York City and I was about to be standing infront of the Statue of Liberty. What a dream come true. 

Now I’m terrified of boats because I can’t swim.. So if I fell off I’d be doomed. I think you’d be doomed anyway but I’d be more doomed but I was too damn excited I was literally hanging onto the bar looking out! So beautiful! And with 30 degree heat the waves felt amazing!

I couldn’t put my phone down, It was just photo after photo. I was looking everywhere but where I should be looking until I heard “take a photo!!”. 

Holy. Crap. 

I was in awe. There she was! We were getting closer! We got off the boat and I never walked so fast in my life. 


“The Statue of Liberty is more than a monument. She is a beloved friend, a living symbol of freedom to millions around the world”Statue Of Liberty

All that history right in front of my eyes. Truly beautiful and totally mesmerising. I stood and took it all in, everything she meant and stood for. Symbolising freedom and democracy. 

Gal Pals

Just being in the presence is a big deal even when people jump in your selfies. 

This guy? He knew what he was doing..

You could spend all day with her! It was such a scorching day too and refreshments were all around the monument and park. 

Goodies Galore

A full lemon chopped and set in ice cold water in the coolest collectable cup and a huuuuuge chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream is absolutly what was needed this day. 

And of course I was rocking up in my original Levis cut into shorts and a basic strap! It was way too hot for anything else!

Immediate Meltage right there ^^ I think I got more on me and the ground than in my mouth.. Which is shocking for a gal with a big gob!

Love ya and leave ya Lib. 

It was time to head back to go back into Times Square and eat some more! It was just a perfect experience. Everything I wanted it to be.  When we go back I’d like to experience the crown and helicopter ride around lady liberty, I mean why not?! All I can say is, if you’re visiting NYC, go see her, you just have to! I was even surprised at how many Americans were visiting her for the first time that day! 

Perfect Experience

I’m next gonna share the Empire State experience! Another favourite! I hope you enjoyed and if you’ve been had the same experience! You’ll know exactly what I mean!

What I’d give right now to be back in New York! For now I’m working my but off at work to get booked up and back there, For much much longer ❤️ I  hope you’re all having a great week!

Juleigh-Newmar X 


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