Empire State Experience 

Hello Hello Hello!!

I hope you’re well! Im back with more love I bought back from New York City!

If you know me, you know my love for lights at night. The stars, the disco lights, fire works, moonlight, most of all the street lights. The lights that help you forget and mesmerise your mind and being you a little bit of peace that you’re needing. I believe it’s a sencory thing? Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think it’s weird or strange. I believe everyone has something that helps them switch off. Mine are the lights, music and the rain. At night is walk to a hill and look at the city lights. The cities never look more alice than at night. With the lights. 

So visiting the Empire State Building had to be a night time thing for me. I couldn’t wait! We’d been up since 7am that morning and shopped and ate all day. We decided 8pm would be the best time to visit and it was absolutely perfect. Everything I wanted it to be and more. 

Open 365 days, 8am – til 2am. The queues went down super quickly, the atmosphere was surreal. 

80th floor observation deck – dare to dream exibit. 

So the first lift took us to the dare to dream exibit. The story of the Empire State is the story of the American Dream. This level told us all about the history, the dream and the contruction of the building. The architecture and the photos around the room, the building is just breathtaking. 

It was the lights however that got all of my attention. On the 80th floor your only view is through windows which was beautiful. It was the next stop I wanted to be apart of…

86th floor main deck

Be apart of it. 

The 86th floor is the open air observation deck. You step outside and you are apart of the city. You belong to the city. The city that never sleeps. The big apple. The most beautiful, incredible city in the world. 

The city was ALIVE and LIVING! I was gob smacked. I was completely gone, with the city. Everything around me shut down and I just let it all sink in. The billions of lights, the noise, the smell, the entire atmosphere was perfect. It was meant to be. You could see everything and it was all lit up. The view took you for miles and you fell for it. 

True Love

Photos do no justice

There is not a single one of my millions of photos that can do this place justice. I love that can keep these memories forever in a photo but the atmosphere will forever in my heart and mind. It’s unforgettable. For once all anxiety, fear and stress completely disappeared. I felt everything in my relax and finally be at peace. You felt nothing but love. 

And to spend it with the one you love made the moment that every bit more special. 

$25 for a one in a million atmosphere. 

It was so windy up there, not that it mattered or made a difference you were so high up you were invincible, the humidity hit you as soon as you got back into the streets and I was starving. It was like being in the ocean all day and coming out you get hungry Or maybe that’s just bull and maybe, probably, almost defiantly I’m hungry all the time and eat everything I see when I see it. Street food finished off the incredible day we had and made everything so much more real. The whole experience. I got a chicken kebab on a skewer in a bun. It. Was. Unreal. 

You HAVE to try the street food when you visit. Assuming you all will and advising that you all should! If you’ve already been, good for you go again. With me! Let’s go! Now!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! I’ve been so busy but it’s been so theraputic writing about my trip! I literally haven’t stopped eating either, I’ve totally got to go detox with the amount of crap intake. So if someone can send me a truck load of motivation it would be great!

Thank you so much for reading about my pure excitement and love for NYC. I still have so much to talk about, I could go on forever!

Does anyone share this love?

Juleigh-Newmar X 


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