Benito Brow Experience 

Hello Hello Hello!!

Ive been working crazy hours since I’ve been back from New York giving me no time to write, rest or look after myself! (Excuses) I’ve been catching up on them big zZzZz’s too! 

So when I was invited along to the Benito Brow Event i was over the moon! Getting out the house, communication, cake, bubbles and the all important brows! 

The Brow History Of Jules

So brows were never a thing to me when I was younger, I thought they were not important, oh how wrong was I?!

The above photo was.. 6 years ago?! I went through a brunette phase.. But there’s no excuse for the face. I should have knew. 

Then things picked up around 2 years ago..not perfect but ok. I got bolder for sure. I was always too afraid to get my eye brows threaded, I honestly thought it would hurt like hell. So. I went for a wax, it went wrong and then I got lazy. I plucked, Then the plucking got out of control and I was doomed without an eyebrow pencil. I thought to myself there was no more for my brows, the damage was done.

Benito saved my Brows 

“With a passion to trim, tint, tweak and tame the world’s unkempt calamities this fashionista and renowned beauty tourist travelled the cultural corners and brought to these naïve shores the simplest, quirkiest and most perfectifying skill of threading!”

“Great brows for all!”

Benito Brow Bar 

A Benito representative gave us the history and how Benito became what it is now! The Benito girls were amazing and gave us info on al the treatments they do and what each treatment involves. We also got info on the latest offers, image above, is the latest, something I’m very interested in!

Shaped And Tidied 

All the girls at the event were very kindly given a complimentary treatment! I didn’t want to be first up, cause I was a bit of a wuss and wanted to see what threading involved. So I watched a few of the girls get their eyebrows done first. 

So this is me, you can see how comfortable I am. These girls knew what they were doing and I totally trusted them. When asked what I wanted done to my eyebrows I responded with, is there anything you can do? I was so ashamed of the state they were in. The technician was so kind and she gave me advice! She told me she’d tidy my brows and create some shape, told me not to pluck and come back in a couple of weeks to get them tidied again until my brows are fuller and can be reshaped. 

I let her work her magic and I’m absolutely kicking myself for not taking a before photo. I wasn’t even in the chair 10 minutes, it was completely painless and I could of cried when I witnessed my new tidy eyebrows! 

The threading looked so complicated yet the technician made it look a breeze! You can see in this photo exactly what I mean! I was fascinated!

A huge thank you to the lovely Vicky for taking and sharing these photos of me with me! She also has a beautiful blog over at

Describe the sky
Brow Brave & Bold

The finished look..

They look so sassy! I felt like a new woman! Thank you Benito for making me brow proud!!! I will be seeing you again in two weeks! Thank you so much for the amazing experience and the goody bag we went home with!

Very Kind !

Have you guys had the Benito experience yet?! I completely reccommend if you love your brows like you should!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. I’m currently taming a happy hangover.. That’s another story!

Thanks for reading!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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