Victoria’s Secret Spree

Hello Hello Hello!!

As most of you know, I’ve just came back from NYC! The trip was a dream come true, so good we’re booking up again in January!  I had the best time, the city was so good to me, I’ve fallen deeply in love. I have so many photos and memories to share that It’s gonna take a few posts which means a lot of USA spam! Not. Even. Sorry. 


As you can see in the above image, I had myself a mini shopping spree.. This was just day 2.. There was more…Anyways I’m particularly wanting to write about Victoria’s Secret. 


It all started with a moisturiser my friend gave me as a leaving present, pure seduction.. I fell instantly inlove with the scent. 

Pure Seduction 

it’s so sweet but not sickly. You could eat it but shouldn’t.. It reminds me of strawberry fruitella! I remember first opening it and using it on my hands after work and the smell just instantly woke me up. My hands were soft and smelt Ah. Mah. Zing. I wanted more from VS. 


We don’t have a VS in Newcastle, the closest is London? I think? You can buy online but I never shop online, I’m a funny shape and size and dislike sending things back. I missions round NY one morning and stopped at Macy’s, turned around and what was in front of me, yep, a huge beautiful white building with Victoria’s Secret written on gold across the wall. I grabbed my boyfs hand and yanked him into the store..


I’ve always been extremely self conscious about my nose and my breasticals.. I was bullied for a very long time for the way k looked.  Bullied for my facial features only lasted through high school. I then figures that it’s what makes me me and I accepted the way I looked. As for my lady lumps, Cause I’ve always been small I’ve always worn padded bras which made me confident. It lasted a short while then I felt false. Like I was a walking Liiiie. Dramatic but for real. Padded bras are so uncomfortable for me too.. I’ve had Bralettes before but they’ve never fit right and heaven forbid I went down the freezer isle! I was carving ice. Sorry though. 

VS Spree. 

Ok, I was browsing through the lingerie, with big dollar in my pocket, I was ready to treat myself. I LOVE the VS angels on the catwalk they always look soooo beautiful and looked so confident. So I was totally ready to splash out and feel it!

 It was the Bralettes that caught my eye most. Lace, crochet, harness, cutout, crop so many styles. The black ,front fasten, T-back, crochet lace bra was the one. It looked stunning on the mannequin, the detail was beautiful. I found some black bikini lace bottoms to go with it. I knew they’d go with a lot of my lingerie. Black Lace Love. 

I tried the bralette on and could not believe how perfect the fit was. There was nothing hanging over straps at the back, there was no peeking and you could adjust the hold to fit perfectly. I looked in the mirror with the set on and felt incredible. Then I worried about looking flat with clothes on top, so I put my shirt on and left a couple of buttons open which you can’t do with padded bras cause it looks ridiculous and tacky. Oh. My. Goodness. I felt amazing! 

Finally I find bottoms true to the size, incredible quality at a perfect price. 

I went and got it in Navy! There’s no more padding for this gal! I got back home and wore my navy one and decided.. Ok… I want One in every colour and now I know what size I am I could order online. Which I did. With no regrets. 

It’s great to have finally found myself and be confident with who I am and what I have! I now believe that confidence starts with your lingerie. Sexy lingerie , sexy you! It’s so good to finally hold my head high when shopping. It doesn’t stop there. What accompanies sexy lingerie ..

Sexy Scent!

I went into VS to find this scent my good friend introduced to me. To find they were on offer! 2 for $10. I’m super kicking myself for only buying two sprays! I should have stocked up, silly Jules. 

Pure Seduction Mist 

Yes of course I purchased a mist the same scent as my moisturiser. When sprayed it sits on you and freshens you up instantly. Again sweet but not sickly. Exactly what it says on the bottle. Yeowzaaa!

Love Addict Mist

 A stronger scent reminding you that you are a strong woman 😉 . It lasts forever. 

You get what you pay for and a bit more!


The store was 3 floors, of pure beauty. Detail everywhere. On the ground floor was PINK VS campus brand. Pure Sass. Everywhere. I came across these cuties before I left and they fit a treat! Again it’s so good to have finally found perfect fitting lingerie. My butt never looked so gooooood! & at only $10.50, I will again be purchasing most underwear from VS from now on!

PINK – wild at heart. 

This is a scent you spray as soon as you come out the shower. It’s so fresh and clean! Very sporty I love it! I believe i have enough mist to last me a while. Again, I will be hammering the add to basket button before I know it!

So, thank you Victoria’s Secret, for introducing this chica to a new route in life. A confident lifestyle. A confident gal. What an experience!

I’m back to reality unfortunately and it’s my first day back at work tomorrow 😦  Please be aware, there will be more America posts on the way! Here’s another snap of me and my coffee in Times Square! Hope you’ve all had a lush weekend. 

Juleigh-Newmar x


15 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Spree

  1. Mini shopping spree?? Seems you had a field day! Lol I loved NYC so much when I went up there! Times Square definitely had me in awe! Love a good VS fragrance too! My favorite is actually the Very Sexy Eau de Parfum. It’s so… Sexy lol

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      1. Did you know that Axe has come out with a spray for women? I was shocked when I saw some on the shelf of a local store. It’s called Anarchy for Women. It smells good. I thought Axe only made sprays for men.

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