Jules hits London 

Hello Hello Hello !! 

I’ve been living in the UK all my life, 24yrs, if we’re being direct and I’ve only ever passed through London. I’ve been to 4 huge cities in my life, Berlin, Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris.. And I’m hitting NYC in two weeks.. But I’ve never been 7 hours down the road to visit London.. Until only a few days ago!

My other half and his dad are die hard West Ham United fans, so I am too now.. You know how it goes when the one you love LOVES football. You try to be apart of it and enjoy it.. For them mostly. They invited me a long to one of the first games in their new stadium. The London Olympic stadium! West Ham vs Juventus. I didn’t quite know what to expect as I’ve never been to a match as big as this before. My goodness what an atmosphere!

From getting off the train to walking to the stadium. The fans, the chants it was crazy fun and you immediately join in, it’s like you can’t help it, you just get right into it. 

54,000 people!! It was insane and an amazing event to be apart of! It was a very early start to the day, a lot of walking and jumping on trains and the steps…….. In the stadium are a killer. I’m gonna start my training now just to be fit enough to get up them next time! Cheese and rice! Totally worth it though, our view was fantastic! After an awesome game we had a few hours to spare before catching the train back home to Newcastle. 

The Tower Of London

It was absolutely scorching hot and we were still in our strips and black skinny jeans so we were pretty warm walking round! We didn’t have time to go in the tower but we chilled and took a cheeky tourist snap beside it, would be rude not to?

Perfect Pint

We stopped by in the beautiful pub for a pint to cool down , it was needed , muchly needed and went down an absolute treat. I’m currently kicking myself cause I can’t remember the name of this place but I do remember seeing someone’s dessert and wanting to take it off their plate. Next time I will be back visiting this pub and eating all the brownies they stock.. The decor was stunning also! 

I couldn’t stop taking photos. My phone actually died I took so many, I’m just inlove with architecture and shape, big buildings and big cities! After a little wonder we eneded up at tower bridge

Very beautiful, very historic. I learnt quite a lot today.. I do love a good history lesson! Wish I took notice back at school! I seemed pretty dumb not knowing about these bridges, I didn’t manage to get any snaps of London Bridge… 

We strolled some more and all the pretty colours caught my attention..

Such a beautiful atmosphere, very friendly and clean! I wish we had more time to do more! We grabbed some lunch before we headed back home ..

.. I went for the Hunters Chicken (my fave dish) and of course another pint! Absolutely delicious and so filling! We sat outside and enjoyed the warm weather in Nicholsons and I totally loved up on the vibes from people. So relaxed. 

I believe we’re making another trip to explore the rest of our country very soon. It’s only took me this long to visit the place! It was a huge day and I had so much fun! Safe to say I was aslee as soon as my head hit the pillow! 

Next stop NYC! Everything is sorted, we have our tickets, our visas, our insurance and our money! I’m so excited!

Have you guys been to London? Where’s the places to be and visit and what time of year? so I can start planning my next trip! Any advice and info would be great!  Hope everyone is having a great week! Gonna leave you with this photo of a giant love statue!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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