Dirty Converse Convo

Hello Hello Hello!

Ive been a bit distant with illness and information lately, you all know how it is. Bad news doesn’t last forever though and neither does pain! So onwards and upwards!!!!!!! 

The Converse Convo

Man I love to talk, even if it’s a half an hour convo with people you love about shoes.. Dirty, comfortable,  stylish shoes. I always clean my shoes.. Except my converse. I think they rock on their own in natural wear. 

And I have love converse because they go with everything and last sooooo long. They’re like a partner in crime for life. I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes this. 


Not doing a lot today, not even a cheeky Pokemon hunt. I laid in bed til 13:00 …… For real! Must have needed it! Dressed up for no reason and drank coffee. All day. Sporting..

Have To Love Fashion – Bomber 

New Look – ripped jeans 

Primark – vest  

Converse high tops 

Tomorrow Tho.

Tomorrow I’m accompanying my man and his dad to Londooooonn to watch the West Ham vs Jueventus match at the London Olympic Stadium! Very excited so expect another wrote up very soon.. I’ve never been into football until I met my guy so tomorrow will be fun!

My holiday is coming along very quickly. In two weeks time I’ll be in New York City, finally, which has been a dream of mine all my life! I can’t wait! Everything is ready, all I need to do is pack! Lots to look forward to!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend! Have one for me!

Juleigh-Newmar x 


8 thoughts on “Dirty Converse Convo

    1. Thanks so much beautiful! Always love your amazing comments! Really keep me positive and the vibes are awesome! So glad someone agrees on the converse sit! I know a chic who gets rid of hers if they get a scratch! Such a shame! lol! ❤️

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