In The Nude

Hello Hello Hello!!

How are we? I hope you’re well. 


What is nude? I never really knew.

When you say Nude I say..

Until I did a little shopping and fitting today that is. The nude palette is not something I’d ever work with because I feel like it would reveal all I cover with my darker colours. However, lately I’ve seen it a little more and more and fell for it a little more. So I said,” eh, let’s have a go”

New Look was my first stop and I come across these 3/4 culottes.. Beige-ish. I took them into the dressing room in which the chair and the walls blended with the attire.. 

The Outfit – worked..

I paired the culottes with a basic rose pink strap tee and loved the shape I gave. The bottoms are in the sale for £7!! And the strap tee is only £2.99. Brand new outfit a tenner. 

What is happening to me?!

Is it a phase? Does it just Come naturally the more you shop? Does it just work?

I decided to pop by primark see what else I could work out..

Light pink, light weight, v neck, basic tee only £4. I’ll have it. 

Then something happened. 

I found a dress.. 

Very vintage.. Not something I’d ever go for and I didn’t purchase it because I have absolutely no confidence to be seen anywhere other than a fitting room in it.. But it was lush. Maybe if I had a tan and a little taller I’d parade it everywhere! Gorgeous colour .. 

.. And I love clothes that show off my tattoos. Maybe one day I’ll find confidence to wear something like this but for now.. Let the haaaawtiiies rock em!

So I’m a little in love with the “naked palette” right now. I can also now say I have some nude in my wardrobe now.. Maybe I should tell them to leave.. 😉


This was today’s attire, dark and basic, always. 

  • Leather Jacket – Miss Selfridge – £50
  • Jeans – H&M – £12.99
  • Strap Tee – Primark – £4
  • Shoes – Top Shop – £12
  • Bag – Primark – £5
  • Earrings – Vivienne Westwood – £75
  • Watch – Michael Kors – £210
  • Rug – IKEA – £10

I have one more day of freedom before I go back to work after an amazing week off! However my next holiday is NYC next month!!! I’m so very excited!

Happy Sunday!

Juleigh-Newmar x


4 thoughts on “In The Nude

  1. Babe, that nude dress looks amazing on you!! I get that phase.. I think we’ve all been having the same color scheme problem 😅 I had it mostly during winter! Have a great Sunday dear!


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