Birthday Gurrrl

Hello Hello Hello!

Hope you’re all well and having fun! Happy July! This last week I’ve had off work for my birthday. My birthday is my favourite time, I’m like a big kid! I always take the week off so I can celebrate all week, it’s exciting! It’s a week were I can completely pamper and prepare to become a year older! Here’s my traditional prep plans!

28/06/2016 – Birthday Eve-Eve

Pampering prep

Birthday eve-eve always starts with a breakfast with my mama and sister! This year we went to Frankie & Bennys – the breakfasts are delightful there. I always go for bacon, setup and pancakes. They also come with three fried eggs this time.. Bonus! The coffee is always on top up! You pay for one and drink as much as you want. Wins me over every time! Such a good price and always a splendid way to start you morning. I also love the F&B music.. Rock n Roll. 

We catch up, discuss full plans on birthday, shop and of course go for another coffee. I usually live off coffee but this time at Starbucks I went for a cool juice .. The raspberry smoothie. So good. Before I leave to come home I always get the must haves for birthday eve pamper! 

29/06/2016 – Birthday Eve

Birthday Pampering!

I start with dying my hair and getting a fresh weave for a new age! I’ve used new equipment this time round and will share results in a seperate post because I’m chuffed to bits with how my hair turned out this time round!

Happy miss platinum right here! I then get my nails done. Always a must to have sharp claws for a birthday bash. I always go to Hollywood nails in the metro centre. They know what they’re doing. I always get these results and at such a good price. My nails always last about 4 – 6 weeks too! I’m gonna write a seperate post about my new colour Chanel and this weeks manicure, I’m obsessed with this colour!

I then shop and treat myself. This time I hit the sales in Boux Avenue and got some beautiful new underwear! 

Before going home I hit oh you pretty things – cocktail bar in the metro centre. For ยฃ5.95 you get a glass of prosecco and the cutest most delicious cake ever! Presented very beautifully too.. 

Its amazing when you’re warm from all the shopping and browsing to have a cold glass of bubbles and a treat. Thank you whose ever idea it was to put this cocktail bar here!

30/06/2016 – Birthday Girl!


I’m 24 years old! Yeowza! 

My man woke me up to Chanel and champagne! I felt like a queen, I was so excited!! We relaxed in bed with a glass before getting ready for our meal!

In the living room I was surrounded by balloons and this beautiful cake my guy made me! It’s absolutely huge and tastes insane!!

We went to the slug and lettuce on Newcastles quayside. Cocktails are 241 and the food was incredible!!

I was completely content! I then went home to a small get together with all of my family. It was beautiful. We all caught up and had such a laugh! I had an incredible day. I feel very fortunate lucky and blessed to have surrounded by such incredible people who make me feel very special and happy. Thank you for all kind words shared and everyone who helped me celebrate! Now to enjoy being 24 before the big 25 arrives!

I now have New York City to look forward to next month!! It’s absolutely flown by! The countdown is reaaaal! So bloody excited. 

Completely going to relax now and enjoy the rest of my week off. I’m excited to see the Ab Fab movie!!! Who else is going to see it?! 

Have a great weekend guys! Hope everyone is smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

Juleigh – Newmar x 


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