City Speak

Hello Hello Hello!

I hope you’re all well! Pretty Important day for us in the UK! I never understand this sort of stuff properly because to me it’s always all over the place. No one ever gives a good story and it always leaves people like me over thinking however this time I made my decision pretty easily. I’m In. 


I’m becoming a tad obsessed with my French Connection gear.. And they have a sale on right now.. Up to 50% .. And I have NYC in 2 month.. Ugh saving out the window!


  • French Connection Top – £55
  • French Connection Jeans – £69
  • Top Shop Shoes – £12
  • Primark Bag – £5
  • Freebie shades from Tatler like 3 years ago.. 

Family Visit!

My Aunty and Uncle are over visiting from Canada! My favourite time of year is when they come visit, it’s always the best catch up! We all went into the mere centre today and enjoyed a coffee and a catch up at Starbucks.. Sugar overload thanks to my caramel Machiatto.. I never learn. We also went to spoons, every time I go I get the same chilli chicken wrap.. This time I joined the curry club and enjoyed a korma and a glass of rosé. 

10/10 food came quite quick.. Hot.. And tastaaaay. Perfect portion also. The drink came with the meal too so for £9 I got a delicious curry and a cold glass of wine on this beautiful hot day! Sweet. 


I enjoyed the walk even if my feet are about to drop off. Beautiful day, beautiful company and better yet.. I have two shifts left at work before I’m off for the week to celebrate my birthday next Thursday! Very excited!

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful day!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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