Shirt Story 

Hello Hello Hello!!

I hope you’re all well and enjoying the weekend. I’m drinking ONE glass of wine and reading vogue cause that’s just how I do.. Sad but true. 



That convo we had a few posts ago.. The..

“Do you tuck your shirts in or leave them out? I always tuck mine in.. Blah blah blaah”

Well yes.. I do always tuck mine in when i get ready and go out. It’s in all day, tidy looking. Smart, cas, classy. I forgot to mention when I get home and it all comes out. My hair comes out, the shirt comes out and I usually change into some shorts.. 



I never noticed it until the other day I was out rockin a Ralph with some white skinnys. My hair had some natural waves going on. My hair is always wild. I had coffee with mam and a little shopping.


It was when I came home I noticed that as soon as I walked through the door ( literally ) everything loosened up a little ha!. It must be in my mind mentally that for some reason I can’t be seen untidy or feel untidy outside?! Is that weird?! 

I quite liked the look of the shirt out but it just didn’t feel right! Can you see this emoji 🤔? This is me constantly. 🤔. I always think , ” jules, what are you doing?”

So you know.. I think I’m weird. Not that it’s a bad thing. 

My outfit was a Ralph Lauren shirt I bought years ago with my first ever wage slip! Hard earned cash in a kitchen. Paid off! Shirt still looks new and fits a treat! 

The skinnys I bought from TK Maxx last year for only £18! I constantly look in TK Maxx for white denim, just a fancier fit for this short ass!

My hair was left in a bun over night and had its own thing going on!

Another random post yes, but I love sharing my outfits and seeing yours! And I love writing a ramble. This is my night, a small bottle and vogue!

Hope you guys have a lush weekend!

Juleigh-Newmar x


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