When In White 

Hello Hello Hello!!
Another quick question!?! When in white.. How long do you last? You know .. Spillage.. Coffee, food, toothpaste anything.. Sitting in someone’s chewing gum …whatever

Usually I’m like 1 hour into the day in a white palette and I’m coffee’d or Chocolated .. I usually always sit in chocolate that I’ve let fall out of my mouth some how.. Shocking. I don’t ever share or waste of leave chocolate.. Ever. 

Not this day! I felt great in this little number and how white and fresh it stayed allll day!

OOTD shop the look!

  • Pants – Zara – £45 
  • Body suit – New Look £9.99
  • Shoes – TopShop – £12 
  • Bag – Primark – £5
  • Bandanna – Festival – £5

Happy Weekend! Draaanks flowing this evening yisss! But first 8hrs at work.. 

Have a good one 💋

Juleigh-Newmar x


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