Summer Saves 

Hello Hello Hello!!

My site has been dowwwwnnn. How even? Anyways ..

Here’s what I’ve been up to..

French Connection – Intu Metrocentre – Gateshead 

I’m in looooove with SS16 collections, especially when they come with a glass of bubbles. FC Gateshead have some serious summer styling.  


French Connection are rocking the festival trend this summer. Pretty gutted I’m not festival-ing this year but visiting in store has inspired me for the sunshine season. 


I love popping into the metrocentre store. Always a friendly face, you go in a customer ,you leave a friend. I loved the summer 16 event the guys held! Collaborating with restaurants and cocktail bars.. You’re shopping experience is one of a kind. Who doesn’t love shopping, drinking, eating and getting professionally styled. Keep your eyes peeled for the next event!! Check out the goodie bags!

Attire For All

Living Monochrome 

If you’re anything like me.. You live in black, white, grey, navy and sometimes go all out and wear a shade of cream or nude :o.. And you find it hard looking for summer attire that doesn’t include blitz of yellow or green.. However you still want it to be lightweight and comfortable and a perfect fit.. Look no further. Look what I found Instore. 

Douglas Sweat Lace Trimmed Joggers & Sweatshirt

B£65 + T£50 

It was actually one of the shop assistants who advised me to try both items on together. They go amazing with so many other things but together just look badass. Ditch the camo and Rock the lace I say.. Round the house.. Out and about.. You’ve got this. 

Fresh Jersey Shirt Detail Jumper 


I love twotone attire. I could live in jumpers and knit but let’s not. Not when designers create so much more for us. An all in one masterpiece. Jersey Jumper and shirt with a high neck.. Perfect for those who have a turtle neck in every single colour and want something similar but mega different….. Guilty. I’m wearing this with my French Connection rebound jeans.. Still my favourite denim. 


New in my wardrobe 

Sudan Marl Oversized Ribbed Top


Well if you know me.. You’ll forever see me baggy on top and skinny below.  I could live in oversized tops foreveeeer. After browsing and falling in love with this top at the event I purchased it. Perfect purchase. I couldn’t wait to work it. 

It’s just so unique and so lightweight. Perfect for this monochrome missy to enjoy this summer and all year round.. Let’s be honest. With my rebound jeans it works a treat and I felt amazing meeting the chicas for a coffee. Safe to say they quite fancied my little number and went browsing themselves. 

Pointless Pic

But Anyways..

… This is me, content, with my coffee and my new attire. If you’re ever in the metro centre or visiting from anywhere and you’re after the top trends or if you know French Connection have an event on or you need so style advice  I say pop in.. There is always something fun happening!

I hope you’re all having an amazing week! I’m happy back up and running and have so much to share!

Thanks for reading!

Juleigh-Newmar x


Joggers – £65

Sweatshirt – £50

Jersey Jumper Shirt – £45

Sudan Marl Top -£55


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