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Hello Hello Hello!

Happy Weekend!! Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday! Even though I’ve had a week off work today is the only day I don’t have anything planned so I get to write! I’d go make a coffee with this one.. Lengthy .. But I love to share and hear your opinions!

As some of you may know.. I have an addiction. It started with a lipstick and expanded rapidly to now a beauty haul. Quite an expensive addiction but I think it’s a lot healthier than some’s a Chanel beauty addiction.. I recently realised the amount I’ve spent on my beauty products that I’m a third of the way to a Chanel bag.. I have no remourse. I swear by these products and will carry on purchasing for ever more. I Would just like to share my little collection with you all and share some favourite items. 

The Fam 

I’m very fortunate to have these beauty products. I work my butt off for them… And they’re totally worth it. Perfect for sensitive skin, high quality cosmetics, last forever and unique. I never thought I’d find the perfect foundation match, wear lipstick and feel confident!, have Luna long lashes or fresh hydrated skin!

Luxury Lip Love

It started with..

My first pay from my first full time job. 

I purchased rouge coco shine for £25. Something sleek, classy and able to wear whatever the occasion. 

#54 -Boy 

Rouge CoCo Baume Saved My Lips!

My little life saver! This beauty is in my pocket wherever I go. Ultra comfortable to apply and wear, shine, sheer and sleek. Can even be used as a base for a colour! My favourite lip product ever. 

#96 Aura 

My all time favourite colour to wear! Was purchased with the Christmas rouge noir collection. With my skin being pale and my hair being platinum this colour created a statement and makes me feel confident. 

#438 – Suzanne 

Another favourite shade. Hydrating lips for up to 8 hrs and stays all day. I don’t have to top up!

Perfect Gift! – Brand New – Latest Love

I still can’t believe we left the Fenwick beauty event with the new rouge coco stylo! I was just admiring them when I purchased another foundation. Now I have one in my life! Newest addition to the fam! I haven’t tried it yet but I can already tell it’s a beauty!

#218 – Script

So that is the lipstick squad.. Ranging from £25-£28! Totally worth it especially if you’re a lipstick lover!

Marvellous Manicures – 

My first le vernis purchase was when I was sick of getting my nails done and wearing the same basic boring colours. These unique shades became a quick addiction to where I’d start buying two a time. 

#645 Paradisio & #08 Pirate 

The first colour I purchased was Paradisio. It stood right out to me. Such a unique shade that would look stunning with any Accesories. It needed a few coats or painted on top of a white to stand out more but it looked a treat. Ltd ed too!  

Pirate was a gift for Christmas from a friend. I could have cried! If been eyeing up the colour so long. Who doesn’t love a classic red?! It’s a polish that comes out exactly how it looks in the bottle too! A true red!


#219 Black Satin & Velvet Top Coat 

I’m gonna begin with the top coat.. Just genius. Exactly what it says on the bottle. Works with any colour but best with black! So many styles you can create thanks to this little beauty. I was advised to buy it when I purchased black satin. Best advice I’ve been given. I’ve used this top coat on so many colours and it’s still going! I’ll forever make sure this is in my life!

Black Satin was always a must for me. The only reason I didn’t make it my first purchases was because it was out of stock in store. I love it. It’s perfect and is a treat with this velvet top coat. You need to see it that believe it, get it in your lives people!

If sexy was a colour the rouge noir collection would be it

My favourite colour in Autumn/Winter is burgundy red. That’s the feel. So when Christmas came a long and Chanel served up some serious sexyness , I was inlove. Christmas Day showed up and I had the colour and top coat. Won’t lie this has to be my favourite collection as of yet!

#18 Rouge Noir – Gold sparkle top coat. 

You shake the top coat and the beautiful gold appeared in tiny crisps. Just so inlove. So sexy!

Spring Sprung Upon Us..

So did #683 Sunrise Trip. 

This colour appeared as I was browsing online. So I immediately researched the collection. I had to go in store to see it for myself as I’d never in my life witnessed such a stunning colour. No photo will ever do this shade justice! 

Since I purchased this colour there has been a brand new formula polish range appear. I already have my eyes on a few shades to add to the nail collection I own!

Onwards to flawless skin!

Skin Satisfaction 

When I decided to go for my first Chanel foundation i came away with a skin package. Best decision I made in the beauty obssession! Before trying a few colours my make up was taken off with and cleansed with Eau Douceur cleansing water and my skin felt brand new! So clean, refreshed and hydrated my reaction was ,” I need it in my life, thank you Chanel!!” 

The chosen foundation was Vitalumiére Aqua – #30 Beige. 

All foundations I’ve ever used have always been thick and heavy on my face, usually leaving me with spots and red marks trying to take it off! This foundation is so light, easy to apply, hydrating and doesn’t irritate when applied. It stays on all my working day and hydrates throughout. I have very sensitive skin so adding this Chanel foundation in my beauty routine was another great decision!

Once the chosen foundation was applied I was then introduced to the multi-use illuminating base. Exactly what it says on the product. It’s magic. Base..highlighter… Concealer..and it lasts forever. 

All you’ll ever need. 

Chanel noir mascara is my every day love. If I was stranded on a island this would be the product I’d need with me. I’ve always had compliments on my eyes and my eyes are my favourite feature especially when applied with this mascara. No clumps just perfect Luna long lashes and very easy to take off! 

My Fragrance. 

Again if sexy was a fragrance it would be coco noir. I can’t even find the right words to describe the scent. It’s my all time favourite. This, Ralph Lauren pink pony and Sí Giorgio Armani are my all time favourites and the only fragrances I’ll buy. I spray coco noir when I start work at 8am and I smell amazing all day. Lasts forever. 

Beautiful Bag !

I’m very lucky and fortunate to have this Chanel make up bag in my life! Actually cried when it was handed to me! Only Chanel products sit inside!

So.. There we have it. That’s my collection so far! Along with my experience! I couldn’t reccommend Chanel beauty enough. I’ve seen a few bad reviews and completely disagree. I get every penny’s worth out of this beauty range and everything works a treat. 

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Take care!

Jules x


12 thoughts on “CoCo Cosmetics 

  1. Being a fellow Coco-addict I loved this post! Chanel lipsticks are the best and I have just finished my Vitalumiere foundation. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more Chanel cosmetics, especially the Soleil Tan de Chanel x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay fellow coco addict!! 🙌🏻 Thanks so much for reading! I can’t wait to try out my stylo, shade is stunning! I can’t wait for more cleanser I’m all out lol! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! x 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the part where you mentioned you worked your butt off for what you want👍😊 and I agree, no shame in your game, these products are beautiful and anything Chanel is absolutely stunning 😍


  3. Just bought all Chanel stuff this weekend! Did you get the makeup bag as a gift or did you purchase it? Love it! If they gave it to you where did you purchase everything because I got my stuff at Nordstrom and all I got was a handful of samples and testers… Sad face! And do you just use the base and the foundation or do you use powder as well?

    Liked by 1 person

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