Murad Skin Care – Review

Hello Hello Hello!

I was introduced to Murad skin care last week at a blogging event I attended at the metrocentre , Intu style garden , which was absolutely amazing!  Met loads of incredibly talented people and was introduced to all new beauty products and the latest trends!

Very VIP!



I visited the Murad counter and spoke to skin care specialist Sarah who was extremely helpful and super lovely!  People visit Murad when they’re ready to transform their skin! Dr Murad is quite a guy! The Murad counter was sitting beautifully with leaflets, samples, testers and a youth cam! I was intrigued.. I volunteered to test my skin and so pleased I did! I haven’t been taking care of my skin properly at all! 


I rested my chin on a little stand and a close up picture was taken of one side of my face. Took a few seconds and boom.. 



Finelines and pigments I can deal with.. They were not too bad at all. But.  The PORES. Waaaah! I’ve been a fool and cleansed but not toned or kept my skin hydrated. Poor poor routine. But this fantastic machine targeted exactly where I’m going wrong and gave me a perfect routine to follow. How cool?! I received an awesome sample pack to test for a week or two.. 



  • Hydro-Dynamic ultimate moisture for eyes 
  • Hydro-Dynamic ultimate moisture 
  • Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence
  • Invisiblur perfecting Shield 

Before using any product I always do a bit of research as my skin is so sensitive sometimes it isn’t worth the risk. I found so many mixed reviews it was a case of, go for it – see for yourself. I’m glad I did!

 Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes

My favourite ! 

£45 – 15ml – totally worth it. 


  • Instantly firms and awakens eye area
  • Moisturises for 8 hrs
  • Gentle for sensitive skin 
  • Gently pat onto brow bone and beneath the eye. 

After just one week of applying a very small amount of the eye moisturiser every morning I found it cooling and refreshing. I felt the skin underneath and above my eyes tighten. Meaning it worked! My eye area felt hydrated and fresh all week and the puffiness I get around my eyes through lack of sleep decreased. Best of all it doesn’t irritate my eyes! 

 Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture 

£55 – 50ml

  • Intense hydrating cream 
  • Moisturises for up to 8 hrs 
  • Gentle for sensitive skin
  • Apply liberally to face, neck and chest

I’ve noticed after using this product each day my skin felt awake and hydrated all day and glowed even under my foundation. I’ve also noticed if I keep this routine going I may not have to even use foundation anymore. My pores are closing and my skin is tightening and feels so much smoother. I’ve had compliments throughout the week on how smooth my skin is looking. Does exactly what it says on the jar. I will be purchasing this product when I’ve ran out ,  money well spent for sure! Really pleased!

 Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence 

£59.50 – 30ml 

  • Relives dry, dehydrated skin
  • Offers full renew and lift  
  • Gentle and sensitive 
  • Massage evenly over face, neck and chest. 

The quenching essence product is lightweight and quite silkly meaning it applies easily and evenly. After applying for one week my skin feels soft and remarkably smooth even with the risk of irritation as it includes a fragranced formula, my skin felt incredible. Another plus – it acts as a primer and my foundation stayed put! All day! I’d also like to add that the dry patches I had on my face, due to a certain foundation , has cleared up nicely!

 Invisiblur perfecting shield 

£55 – 30ml – The Hype!


While I was talking to Sarah she mentioned that this product was flying out in the market. After using it.. I know why. 

  • 5 in 1 multi benefit formula 
  • Ft SPF 30
  • Blurs, primes and protects
  • Massage evenly over face, neck and chest

I don’t event know where to start with this one. Liquid Satin. Fresh. Smooth. Hydrated. Glowing. I need a full size bottle in my life pronto! After just one week of applying every morning , underneath my foundation, my skin feels marvellous. It really works and smells BEAUTIFUL. My skin felt like satin, soft velvet just smooth. May seem a little pricey but totally worth it and you use the smallest amount so will last a long time!


Fresh as a daisy!

I wish I took a before and after photo.. Not that you’d notice massively after just one week. I’m excited to see how I feel in 4 weeks time! I feel so much more confident with clear skin and feel foolish it’s taken me this long to find a perfect routine. Can’t thank Sarah and Murad enough!

I hope this answered a few questions and if you guys have any recommendations from Murad or other skin care id love to know! 

Hope you guys are having a great week!

Jules x


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