Hair Care – My Platinum Statement 

Hello Hello Hello!

I’ve recently been asked a lot about my hair and many compliments, thank you! Questions which have been asked,

  •  how much do you pay? 
  • Where do you get it done?
  • How do you keep it white?

Well believe it or not, I do it all myself and altogether it costs around £15 every 6-8 weeks and that’s when there’s not an offer on.. If I hit lucky I get the products I need for £10. 

First Step –

I use L’oréal Paris – Extreme Platinum Power – Féria – to give a good starting point. 


I’ve always used L’oréal hair dye, it works a treat and doesn’t destroy my hair. It took me a good few months into being platinum to get it right and even still my hair doesn’t come out white. It wouldn’t any ways. You have to help your hair to take away brassiness but this is the best colour to give it a kick start. It’s only £5.89 a box and is always on some sort of offer. There are tons of different shades depending on what you want your hair colour to be. 

Takes around an hour and comes with 

  • Easy to follow instructions  
  • Lightning powder, bleach shot & mix
  • You Leave the dye in your hair 45 mins
  • Wash out  – easy  – condition!
  • Wear your gloves!
  • No Dye stains on body!

My hair always comes out with bits of brass yellow here and there. That’s why I use this next Product – purple shampoo. But not just any…

Lee Stafford 

Every blondes hero! Absolute genius!


The bottle lasts forever! And is usually included in the 3 for 2 offer in boots! If you wanna go platinum, bleach or light blonde I swear by this product. I’ve used it for 6 months now and thanks to this shampoo my hair goes white – extreme platinum after 2 washes. It doesn’t leave hair dry or unhealthy. It boosts and refreshes and gives my hair a lot of volume. 

Some days, I don’t love volume.. So after washing my hair and using my purple shampoo I use my next favourite all time hair care product. Again by Lee Stafford. 


COCO LOCO – Blow & Go

Coconut is my favourite body product and now my favourite hair product. A small application LEFT in your towel dried hair for 5 minutes and real magic happens. Again you Do Not have to rinse the lotion out. Leave it in , blow dry hair if you wish and you are left with soft, refreshed and healthy hair which becomes much easier to style and smells amazing all day. You’d have to purchase it to believe me. I can’t describe how much I love this product. 


The Price 

  • Loréal Hair Dye – £5.89
  • Stafford Shampoo – £6.99
  • Stafford Lotion – £5.99

That Affordable & That Easy! You will almost always find hair care offers in Boots. Even if you’re not blonde, go for the coco lotion. I can’t wait to try more Lee Stafford products. Thanks to him I now have statement hair that I love, that makes me feel amazing.


Hope it helped for all you beautiful people! 

Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend!

Any other Q’s just ask I’m more than happy to share! 

Jules X


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