Ivy Park Purchase

Hello Hello Hello!

14/4/16 – ivy park arrived into our lives.  I was at work but popped by top shop on my break and there was so much stock wizzed around by people trying and wanting and buying. It was my turn after work.. 2:30 I went and tried the three items I fell inlove with. The hoody, The jersey, the body suit. 

The jersey and body suit looked a treat. The quality of the material was insane and for the prices, you couldn’t say no. The sweat was my favourite.. £32 oversized hoody with an oversized hood and the logo spread across the front. Simple and Comfortable. I actually didn’t want to take it off after trying it on

  So I took it home with me

absolutely perfect item you’d need in your life for every situation. Lazy day? Gym day? Hangover? Too cold out there? It’s amazing!!


 If you haven’t, which you probably already have, go to top shop and check out the ivy park line by Queen B!

An absolute must have in your wardrobe. Especially if you’re into fitness… And comfort!  

Jules x 


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