White Wash


Another stunning purchase from Zara at only £19.99. I didn’t purchase the pants… Yet.. They’re definitely on the list. 

Cropped off white shirt , back buttoned. Stylish , unique, fresh. Platinum all over. Perfect with high waist anything. Even better in all white 😍


I also bought another top for NYC.. Which is just beautiful.. I can’t wait to glide round the big city!

I’m addicted to Zara at the moment.. I Have been since I bought my turtle neck and trousers a couple of month ago.. 

The fits are perfect, the quality is unreal, the style is stunning and I feel like one classy gal dressed up in Zara attire so ofc it is worth every single penny. Wear what makes you feel amaze! No matter the cost! Work hard and spoil yourself. Always. 

And there is a mid-season sale on right now if you hurry! 1/2 price all over the place!

Ted Baker 

I’m not a HUGE Baker fan. The style is a little too girly for me but I do own a cute TB bag and iPad wallet which is gorgeous and genius. I came across this today browsing through, House Of Frasers, home event. Ted Baker kitchenware. I’ve always loved vintage vibes and everything was stunning. Prices ranging from £18-£77 for sets or if you get there quick there’s a fantastic offer on 3 for 2! 

I will own some of the kitchen material. soon. But I just blew ££££ on clothes so.. Priorities .. 

Hope everyone had a fab M0nday! Have a great week!

Jules x


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