Sunday’s @ ZARA 

… Is a dangerous thing, yes, but look what come out of it!! 

– Poplin Tie-Waist Trousers. 

97% cotton – 3% elastane


Off white..

Or to me.. Pure white 

Stunning, light weight, perfect fitting, cut off above the ankles & worth every penny. Ofc


They’re now mine! 

Along with a few other summer lovin attire I can’t wait to wear!


I’m wearing my turtle neck and loafers again today cause they’re what I’m wearing for Friday’s event and instead of the pink chinos I was going to wear I decided to see what else I could find. So glad I shopped too. Totally worth it and feel fab! Can’t wait for Friday now! Outfit ready, make up booked at Chanel and pampering equipment purchased! Carpe Diem. Every step is closer to achieving a dream. 

 Also my hair is fresh! Platinum Blonde , I love fresh weave. 


Turtle Neck – Primark – £4

Trousers – Zara – £39.99

Loafers – Top Shop – £12  

Happy Sunday Babes!

Jules X 


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