Miss Monroe – 50s

 Hello Hello Hellooo!

Saturday Sass! serving them loafers!

Browsed my life away through Pinterest last night looking at vintage fashion.. Obsessed with turtle necks I spotted miss Monroe giving heat in some chic. 

Inspired, I played dress up. Hence why the weave is a disgrace. Came up with …
Turtleneck – Primark – £4

Trousers – River Island – £18

Shoes – Top Shop – £12 

What do you guys think?!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! I’m spending mine inside, pampering away with wine, chocolate, face masks, bootys, Victoria’s Secret moisturiser, hair dye, condition treatment, Chanel nails, bath, movie and magazines. You’re gonna do it …you do it good. You do it right! 

It’s next weekend in excited for!! Ah!


Jules x


5 thoughts on “Miss Monroe – 50s

  1. This is such a cute outfit Julie! You definitely emanate Marilyn Monroe vibes. I love your blog. Everything looks so pretty and professional. Can’t wait to see more:)


    Liked by 1 person

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