Perfect Purchase 

Weekday off ey? This is how I played!

Woke Up

Messy hair, baggy jumper, coffee and tattoos.  

Dressed Up. 

Primark Hail!

Turtle Neck – Primark – £4

High waisted black skinnies – primark – £10

Shoes – primark – £8

Sheepskin – ikea – £10

MK Watch – beaverbrooks – £210

Walked into Newcastle ..

On this beautiful dull rainy day.. 


LARGE – caramel macchiato 

To warm up! 

SPEND. ££££

If you guys haven’t already quickly get your ass to Debenhams for the blue cross sale! Up to 70% off. Fell inlove with this vest.. £25!


Get to top shop! I don’t usually fall in love with shoes … But when I do.. 

Stunning. & on SALE. 

They’re just beautiful.. £25.. Reduced to £12! You know it!

They’re gonna look pretty in NYC.. 4 month to go.. 😉


If you already collect fashion magazines you know what I’m talking about when I say this is probably one of the best reads since.. God knows..  so inspiring. Yoncé’ interview is ah. Mah. Zing. Great read. Go buy!

& enjoy it even more with a bottle of martini prosecco from ASDA for only £6.50!

Also! Hello to new followers! Thank you for you support and kind words! Always appreciated! I’m on Instagram @ juleighnewmar_ we can catch up on there for more posts!

Jules x



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