Must. Drink. Coffee. Before. Sass. Kicks. In. 


 3 – Way – 2 – Wear 
Love these shirts that you can style all day everyday! 

This knee length blouse is from Primark – £10, and goes with everything. I mean everything. Leather, leggings, jeggins, denim, shorts, skirts and even on its own. 😉 it’s see through so a nice bralette works a treat with it! 

Be smart.. Tuck it in man! This is how I decided to work this blouse. Tucked into some white jeans I got from T. K. Maxx for £18. Open top buttons to show off my tatts and some vivs to compliment my platinum. 

.. It looks stunning just having too. The slits up each side work with anything you wear with it. An when it’s just on its own.: daaaamn show the thighs! 

Have a tail and twirl the buttons! I’m seeing a lot of knots in the shops at the moment. Front knots too! On jumpers, Tees and jackets. So knot the front and tail the back!

My boots are from new look a few years back! Comfiest bad boys I own! 

So today we’ve been out food shopping .. Now we have a little more to do to the apartment! Photos to follow! Our home is looking beautiful! 

Enjoy the weekend!

Jules x


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