Spring Success

Hello Hello Hello!!

 Really feeling the warmth right now guys! Newcastle has been 13• with some beautiful warm rain! April already tomorrow! I swear we just said hello to March! Wow!
I did a little shopping for our home yesterday! Was a beautiful eventful day .. Of course it began with a coffee.. Bought some tacky totes.. Which I adore.. Took a few selfies in my Ralph … Put together a wardrobe and some book shelves.. Bought a mega huge mirror.. Re arranged the whole apartment.. Then had a beer! Success!! 

Look at that healthy breakfast. Sheesh jules you’re doing ok!  Can’t get enough macchiato in my life right now!

Now that’s a tacky tote. Tacky Totes for daaaaays! I love it! Guess where and how much?! Nope. B&Ms £1.99!! I bought another one too! Can’t wait to show you! How cute?! 

Serving my Ralph polo with some leather…   
And my N I K E S

& my cheap cross body B!

Always a metal chick. Nothing will ever stop me from loving metal and rock music. It’s my life.. With a side serving of some Bey!

Ready for the weekend guys?! I am! Gonna make it a good one seeing as I’m back at work Monday!! Wah!

Jules x 💋



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