April! Already?! 2 month to my birthday 4 month til NYC!

Just informing you guys .. Again.. Lol!

Coolest cup ever – HMV – £7.99  

Happy weekend! Here’s how my Friday is going.. 

Two words that describe my attire today.. Caramel. LATTE…


Platinum Blonde – serving a cream knit & latte chinos..  

Jumper – BANK £20

Chinos – Mango – sale – £12.99

Tacky Tote Two – I wish I had a LV bag.. Maybe one day!  

Also from B&M – £1.99

CAKE. Victoria sponge, chopped , icing, hat back on, caramel, caramel crunch, sealed with a kiss. Home made. Del mwah!
She. Added. The. Hat.   

Hat – Primark – £7


I sure did. I fet like a caramel latte with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.. Mmmm. And check that pout out. 
Have a great weekend guys! 

Jules x 



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