Everyday Essentials!

Hello Hello Hello!

How are we?! I can’t believe I’ve been off work a week already! The holidays always fly by, don’t they! Wah 😥

Any ways I’ve seen other people share their essentials! Thought it looked fun! Voila…

Vivs – you will see me every day with one of two pairs of vivs.. You will never see me outside without my vivs.. I make them my statement. These are my newest I got from my guy at Christmas – £70 from Fenwicks. 


 Kors – I will forever have my heavy , rose gold, Michael Kors watch on my wrist. I had 3 watches but sold one and gave the other away this is also a Juleigh statement. I love the big face, the style and I got it on sale! I got this babe for £220 2 year back from beaverbrooks and the ticker is still strong to this day and it’s still looking brand new!

They Ask..  

What’s In Your Kors?!


Obsessed with MK at a point in my life. I still love him and his work to this day. I got my bag from Fenwicks 2 years ago, it’s only just starting to look a little rough. I have overused it, definitely but it’s just a perfect size bag and tan goes with everything too! I got it for £310 and it made me the happiest gal in the world. My first designer bag, my first love. Inside I will always have a bottle of water.. Whether I drink it is another thing.. I always seem to buy a can of Coke Zero on my journeys. I always carry my make up .. You never know when you’re gonna need a touch up. Only essential make up though not the works kit. I carry my make up round in my MK wristlet I got from t. k maxx ages ago which cost me £37. I always have my Chanel in my bag especially my coco balm, that is my little life saver. Of course my purse will always be with me.. Can’t not have it.. It’s a river island number which cost £17! 


Including my phone ..That’s Everything .. That’s moi!


Today me and my better half went for another walk into town. Can’t explain enough how addicted I am to caramel macchiatos atm. Sucker. You tried them yet?!

Happy Days, J didn’t even treat herself.. Damn! Have a nice evening guys!

Jules x


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