Monday Make Up Blog

 – Hey!

Just a quick catch up on some of the Urban Decay freebies I got from the beauty event last week ! 

Perversion Mascara – £17.50 

Eye Shadow – different palettes ranging between £23-£43. 


 The eyeshadows are perfect if you can get away with exotic, bold appearance. Even the nuetral shades are a lot more edgier and sharp. The primer works a treat though! Holds your shades in place, crease free and vibrant!


I’m not one for eyeshadow, when i do it’s a smokey eye basic look. I may have a venture and try something a little more exotic next.. I mean why not!

Disappointment … 

This “best seller” mascara was really hyped up at the beauty event so I was stoked to get a sample to try it out. I’ve always used Chanel noir mascara.. So I thought maybe I can save and purchase the full size perversion mascara if it’s as good as they say.. I’m glad I didn’t!

The brush looks great, like its gonna give you shape and volume .. And glide on your lashes making them lunar long. It didn’t. My lashes barely made an appearance with this mascara and as the day went on they started to clump. It’s just as good as any half the price high street brand. I love mascara and wear it every day so Ill stick with my Chanel and pay the extra £8 or what not! 

Maybe I’m just not an urban decay gal, just a plain Jane forever! Haha

Does anyone else find this with urban decay? Am I the only one?!

Make up Monday. 

It’s all about my nails today! Finally got them done after going 5 month without. I go to Hollywood nails as they last for up to 4 weeks, the guys are really nice and everything is reasonably priced! They use great polishes too! I chose the stiletto shape, always, on point, claws, you know 😉

The colours are both OPI

Bubble Bath Pink-£12.50

My Silk Tie – £12.50

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Got a lot planned this week, very exciting!



Jules x


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