First Easter Ever

WITH NO CHOCOLATE .. You heard me right. I’m a huge chocolate lover, Mega sweet tooth I can’t ever help myself. I noticed a month a go the amount of chocolate I ate was living in my hips. The sugar was killing my health and my teeth. So I decided to go cold turkey and stop it completely meaning today marks the second week of no chocolate. Not even Easter was gonna get in my way! 


 Happy Easter Babez!
I’m still celebrating and decided with my coffee this morning to play with my little chicks and my Chanel! I have a cute little story of my little chicks….

You ass they’re all a little different.. Some can’t even stand.. Well..

Back in the day when me and my sister would have Easter egg and Easter bonnet competitions with a club we went to every weekend.. We always used these little chicks to decorate. I always used them on my bonnet with the biggest blue ribbon! Any ways I was sitting at the table decorating one year and there was these 12 chicks just in a pile. I asked Audrey, the club owner, who’s they were and she said they’re going in the bin , no body wanted them cause they weren’t perfect…

.. Me, being a cancerian, took this very emotionally as a kid and decided I’d use them cause I felt bad for them.. I didn’t want them going in the bin cause they were different! I was devastated at the fact! And I kept them! Lol! They’re like 11 years old!! .. End of story.. More coffee!

The Black Dress !

My oh my, I fell inlove yesterday when I tried on this size 8, criss cross, curve hugging, make your boobs look huge, beauty in Dorothy Perkins yesterday. It was £55 which is a little dangerous for me at the moment but I don’t own a beautiful black dress and thought it was an absolute must in my life!

Finally getting my nails done tomorrow too after 4 month of not having them done! This is my Easter treat from my mamma as I’m not eating chocolate .. V kind.

Hope everyone is having a perfect Sunday!

Jules x


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