Cocktails Coffee Cake!

I that order!! 

Happy Good Friday Guys! Easter Weekend yay! What a day!

Our first proper got day of Spring, beautifully warm and as its sun and the U.K. Doesn’t see a lot of it.. We ofc made the most of it! Me and my better half took a walk into Newcastle to have some lunch! We went to the slug and lettuce.. I’ve never been before but will absolutely, 110% be going again.. The photos below will explain why.. Incredible and such amazing prices!! 2 for 1 cocktails every day.. Huge burgers for £8 and beautiful presented! Super fast service and actually filled me! Yeah that’s right. 


We then went for a walk around the shops and I spotted the most beautiful rose I’ve ever seen in a small bunch of flowers. So super cute! My other half picked me q bunch and bought them straight away for me! What a Babe!

Of course I couldn’t go without my starbucks.. And finally got to try a vanilla macchiato! Try It! We sat at the quayside taking in the weather and the views. Super fresh!
Then passed a bakery.. With the uber fancy cakes.. Of course we purchased some.. It would be incredibly rude not to! And it was a perfect way to end a gorgeous day out!

Lived in Newcastle 24years and still learning more about it! I’ve always wanted to live in America but home is still rather beautiful. 


Have a great weekend!

Jules x


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